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This is an archived page for historical view.

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MM Hamsoft

Amateur Radio Freeware


JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori.

Thank You Mako - for your Great ham Programs!

PLEASE. . . DO NOT send mail direct to JE3HHT . . . See the contact page for information on sending your comments and questions!

What's New

aniupdat.gif (1845 bytes)      April 2, 2001      aniupdat.gif (1845 bytes)

new11.gif (3768 bytes)    HamScope Newest program to use MMTTY   new11.gif (3768 bytes)
(see MMTTY page)

new11.gif (3768 bytes)   MMSSTV Beta .22 Available    new11.gif (3768 bytes)
Release 1.0 coming soon!
(see MMSSTV page)

new11.gif (3768 bytes)   Help in Slovenian for MMSSTV    new11.gif (3768 bytes)

 SSTV Primer Online
(see MMSSTV page)

   DSP Filter now available!  
(see DSP Filter page)

MMTTY now on MM Hamsoft site!

MM Hamsoft Terms of Use

mmtty-i.jpg (1326 bytes)

Current Version 1.61


Download the latest Beta Here

dsp_i.jpg (1317 bytes)
DSP Filter

Current Version 1.11

Program Installer Info

Programs are in a self installing file.

The install program is provided by Gammadyne Software. It looks and worked good in our testing. The reason for changing to this installer was to simplify the process of getting the release ready.  Uninstall abilities allow you to remove programs from your computer.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, make sure that you select your current program folder for installing the new files. The install program will not over write your configuration or log files. However, that being said, it never hurts to save a backup, just to be safe

Installer program provided by Gammadyne Software

Please report any program problems via the Yahoo User Groups

Although all possible effort has been put into testing and check this install process, I except no responsibility for problem that may occur and/or cause undesirable results from using the installer.

In simple terms: Everything worked just fine in all my tests but computers being what they are one can never know what things can happen. It is very unlikely that you will experience any problems but occasionally things go wrong..

Interfacing Information

Connecting the computer to your rig for using MMTTY   
is the same as with PSK and other sound card software.

Rig interfacing pin outs etc.

Interfacing FAQ

This is site under construction

Please check back often


Contact Information

Links Page

This page Last updated:  April 02, 2001

Webmaster  - Ken - VE5KC
KC's Canadian Amateur Radio

Thank you very much for your support of this Web Site!

This site was created  to promote and help English speaking hams use Mako's excellent Ham Radio programs.  The creator of this site makes no claim to or for the programs or any of the information  presented  on these pages.  All credit is due to the author and members of the MM users groups who have provided their input into the workings of  the  programs.  The web master  will make every attempt to insure that the information present is correct an accurate but does not accept any responsibly for errors or omissions.  Please make all comments and suggestions to the apropriate users group @ Yahoo! Groups

Have fun and enjoy!  73 . . Ken - VE5KC

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MM Hamsoft - 2001 an archived page for historical view.

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