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Leech Attempt info

Sorry you are having a problem!  However, It is not a problem with the website which has over 1,000 visitors per day. Many thousands of people have downloaded files since the site change, with no problems.  To date, I have received very few complaints from people having this problem.  Don't get me wrong, I am concerned that you are having a problem. Please, don't be discouraged, these things do happen with computers. Sometimes it may work the next day. See below for some possible causes and solutions.

I test the downloads regulary with several browsers and 2 ISPs.  I have a friend in Australia who checks the downloads, from the other side of the world, which entails a lot of hops, relays and networks delays. We find that all is working fine, as it was intended.

Please note that "Leech Attempt" is not name calling nor is it personally aimed at you. It is an internet term referring to websites that link directly to and steal files, instead of sending the a user to the website where files are hosted. Lets try to sort out this problem.

 If you are unable to download from the link on one of the MM Hamsoft pages,  It is likely caused buy one of the following, browser or a security software setting or rarely with that of an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The problem is a blocked http referrer. It simply means a code that tells our server you are downloading from the MM Hamsoft website is being blocked. Not seeing this, our server thinks you are trying to download from another location (which it will not allow) and sends you to the error page. You need to find what is blocking the referrer to fix the problem.

There are many variables involved in each persons computer/internet setup, I can not really give you the answer to fix this. If you are on a corporate network, it could have some very tight security policies. On a home network you could have a security program that is real over kill. You need protection but unfortunately a lot of companies are using scare tactics to sell over bloated products that are not needed.  It is likely some kind of security software on your computer or network.  You need to change a setting or in some cases you can setup exception rules to allow a site to work.

Some ways to test and/or trouble shoot:

- Try different browser programs..
- Change security, Antivirus and/or Firewall programs
- Temporarily disable security software to see if that is causing a problem..

These programs have cause problems:

- Norton Internet Security
- VIPRE Antivirus

Eg. "some versions of Norton Internet Security block HTTP referrer."

What we have done on the site is not uncommon. This is going to become more of a problem as many other sites are doing this in order to take control of their website bandwidth. When another website links directly to our file, the downloads cost us money. People using that site think they are providing the downloads but they are not. They make money from ADs on their pages and get the credit for having files that are on our servers, without the visitors coming to MM Hamsoft. They are stealing files and revenue form from us. Money earned on the MM Hamsoft pay the bills and make it possible to keep the web site operating for free. Also, we want you to always have the most current information and program versions!

Don't get me wrong, I am concerned but there is nothing I can do on my end. 
Worst case situation, I may be able to get the files to you in another way.

I do hope you can solve the problem. Other wise, it will be there to do the same to you in the future with this and other sites..  I'm only one person in this none paid position. I do my best and can say that the majority of users are happy.

Please let my know how you make out.

73 . .  Ken - VE5KC
Webmaster MM Hamsoft

We use and recommend Microsoft Security Essentials  and Private Firewall, their free.

Donations always appreciated!

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Why We Do This?

The MM Hamsoft website is advertiser supported.  Advertisers make this site possible so we need our users to support them. (We also get a few donations that are much appreciated) We run special software to prevent people stealing links and taking the credit for our files.We want you to visit our website where you will get the current version and any updated information.  This is also done to protect our users. You should be aware of the potential of getting a virus or some sort of malware when you get filed from a server other than the original provider. Once a file leaves our site, we can no longer be sure that it will stay safe. When you click on links to download from another server you may get more than planned. Always be safe; only download files from the original provider.

What is this Leech thing? -  what does this really mean? First, it does not mean that you have done something wrong. The term actually refers to the action that has taken place.

So what is a Leech? The dictionary describes them as bloodsucking worms. So how does this apply to the computer world?

It is common practice for some web sites to offer files they don't have on their server. What they do is provide links to the file on someone else server. In doing this it looks like they are providing a service, offering files to their users. This works great for the site, They make money from advertising on pages with lots of links to files for download. The added benefit is they do not requiring hard drive space to host the files nor do they have to pay for server bandwidth. They have a web sites on cheap server, earn income from advertising. They do not pay for the storage or data usage on the downloads. A good deal for him but not for the website that is providing the files. The site that actually has the files is the one paying, this is called leeching.

Leech Attempt -

You have attempted to download a file from a direct link... either someone give you this link or a site is linking to our files.

Linking to files hosted on someone else's server is considered as "Stealing Bandwidth". We pay for the traffic on our server, without having you visit the site and support us. It is only proper netiquette to always link to a site and not to their files and/or information. Further more, we would like you to have the latest information and most current versions of our files.

Always download from the original site to be sure you are getting the right file. We have no control over files you download from other sites. They may have been modified and give you more than what you expected. This is one of the ways that viruses and malware are spread.

* Note: Download applications such as GetRight, GoZilla! & Download Accelerator Plus, will prevent you from downloading files.
It is recommended that you disable the download managers and use your browsers in-built down-loader.