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For Help or to Send Comments please Use the Yahoo User Groups

Please DO NOT SEND E-Mail in English directly to JE3HHT. Mako has received a thousands of E-Mails from over the world.

Your interest in MM Hamsoft is appreciated but he does not have the time to read and reply to all of your messages. Mako asks that you send your comments and requests for help to the appropriate Yahoo Group. (see below)

Please DO NOT send requests for help with the Programs or Yahoo Groups to me (VE5KC) I am only the webmaster of the MM Hamsoft Website!
"ALL" requests for help should be sent only to the Yahoo Groups!

ALL comments, bug reports, requests for help... etc... MUST be handled through the MM Yahoo Groups...
Members of the beta/help team as well as Mako - JE3HHT read the messages in these Groups.

You can use the links below to access the groups:

MM User Groups - Help and Support

MMTTY Yahoo Group -

MMSSTV Yahoo Group -

MMVARI Yahoo Group -

MMVARI Yahoo Group -

To report problem or concerns with the website
Discuss DSP filter whichis not supported in other groups

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