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About Web site

This web site is made possible by revenue from advertising but at rates like a penny per AD it is really not that much. Some ADs pay nothing unless a user clicks on them, even then, there is no getting rich.. hi.. We also receive a few donations from  supporters.

In addition there are the countless hours of work required in maintaining and assuring the web site is operating and functioning as it should. The MM Hamsoft web site can be a very busy place. We average 2,000 visitors per day and have had peaks days in excess of 8,000. Bandwidth requirements can exceed 40 GB per month. From time to time things need updated and repaired. Files and databases can get corrupted, in simple terms stuff breaks. Through it all your webmaster and my faithful assistant (my son) have stuck with it for over 10 years and have no plan of quitting. It can be a thankless job at times when something breaks and users get angry at us.. I started the first web site because I wanted to give something back to the hobby. At that time I never dreamed it would grow so much.

Why do we do it? I can assure you it is not for the money, this is not a business making a profit. Even with the millions of people who use the web site, I can count on one hand the great guys who have donated. Their support is very much appreciated! Based on the number of hits this site has received over 10 years, if every user had dropped a dollar in a tip jar each visit, Mako and I would be millionaires.. Now wouldn't that be nice and no one would have ever missed the dollars.. hi... (my little pension sucks)

I am not begging but some help would really be appreciated, to pay the bills and keep the sites running. Please consider going to the donation page and be a supporter. You do not have to have a Pay pal account to make a donation. Pay pal handles credit card transaction without the need to be a member.

If you would like to put something in an envelope and send a donation by mail, that works too. My address is on in the call books and hasn't changes for over 20 years.. Just look up VE5KC on QRZ.COM or the Canadian call book at RAC.CA..


To those who have donated, thank you, your help is very much appreciated!


73 . .   Ken - VE5KC