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History of MM Hamsoft

May 2017 - MMTTY Ver. 1.70K released - thanks to Dave, Joe and Oba

2013 - Mako JE3HHT, the author of MMTTY, MMVARI, and MMSSTV, has released these
applications to open source development under the LGPL license.

August 2010 - MM Hamsoft and MMTTY celebrated the Tenth Anniversary!

For the month of August we has a special Guest Book for users to sign.

Anniversary Guest Book closed on August 31!

Thank you to those who to who took the time to drop by and sign the guest book!
You can still read the comments on the archived Guest Book page.

It all started in 2000 and by August, of that year I had the first English website for MMTTY online! A lot of things have changed over the years including the website but through it all MMTTY has remained the most popular RTTY program of all time! Thank you Mori-san for your wonderful gift to amateur radio!

In addition to being a stand alone program, the main engine of MMTTY is used in many free and commercial programs. You could be using an RTTY program without being aware that it is powered by MMTTY.

This is the history as I remember and piece together from information available to me. If you have anything to add please contact the webmaster.

(See below for Early History of MMTTY - where it all began!)

The first web site was established as MMTTY-RTTY and later changed to MM Hamsoft when Mako released MMSSTV.

August 2010 - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of MM Hamsoft and MMTTY. A special guest book page setup for the month of August to allow users to leave their comment and thanks to JE3HHT.

See the  10th Anniversary Guest Book to read the comments left by users.

June 2006 - MM Hamsoft was moved to its current home at on commercial servers leased by and provided by VE5KC and Kteck Webs. With the new servers there is no longer any concern about file space, download capacity or access speed. Dependability and uptime have been near 100% since the move. This is all made possible by users supporting (visiting) sponsors and by some donations.

August 22, 2004 - MM Hamsoft moved to the new server on This server space has been donated by Simon Brown - HB9DRV, the author of the freeware Program Ham Radio Deluxe. This site is still maintained with a forwarding page to guide visitors of the new web address.

August 22, 2001 - Two days later thanks to Al Waller - K3TKJ, the MM Hamsoft site was re-established on the server. The final counter showed 425,700 visits on the last day. suffered a lot of problems with being down or having very slow access which prompted the decision to find a better host. This site is still maintained with a forwarding page to guide visitors of the new web address.

On August 20, 2001 - Yahoo shut down the web site with no advanced warning. I attempted to contact Yahoo, trying to get the site back on line but never received any replies. Months later I received a form email about exceeding the allowed traffic for a free web site. The Yahoo/Geocities counter showed 186,478 visits the last day it was in service. (Several months later the site was re-activated. It was maintained as a forwarding page to guide visitors of the new site until Yahoo discontinued service in 2009)

August 16, 2000 - The original site first established on Yahoo/Geocities * as MMTTY-RTTY, and changes to

Historical views of old MM websites:

mmtty_rtty - 2000 as on the first Geocities website.
mmhamsoft - 2001 as on Geocities website. 

* October 26, 2009, GeoCities Discontinued it's web hosting service.
If you have a link to a page on GeoCities you want to access, it still may be available. A couple of archiving services have worked hard to preserve what thay could of the sites hosted on Geocities. has restored over 2370970 sites to date. To use this site, just change the G in GeoCities to an R so the address is ReoCities.. If the site is there is will work.. eg..

Another good place to look is Wayback Machine at

All things on the site may not work or be available but sometime it can mean retreaving old information or files that are nolonger available any where else.

MMTTY History

"It all began with an, obscure, unknown RTTY program from Japan."

This was around the time when the internet started making our world a lot smaller. JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori wrote this program, MMTTY and put it on his website for friends in Japan. He had never intended or even imagined that his software would quickly become one of the most popular RTTY programs in the world. Mako later wrote his SSTV program, MMSSTV, which also quickly became popular around the world. His final offering was MMVARI, a multi-mode program featuring RTTY and PSK. Mako devoted several years of his time to making changes and improvements the programs. He found the pressure for more and more changes was to great. The demands left him little time for his family and his own personal life. His contribution to Amateur Radio will always be remembered and appreciated. All his programs continue to work well even as Microsoft releases updated versions of Windows. 

In the early days, when a few of us found MMTTY on the internet it was a real challenge as the program was written in Japanese. We had no English help other that the fact that development software make some things in the MMTTY program have English words. This was before the readily available online translator sites so we were really experimenting. We began by sharing the results that we found trying things on our own and telling others about what a button did etc. Those were fun time where we not only formed an online group but also formed a bond amount the early members.

We were all volunteers, working together, trying to make what we knew was a great program more usable for English ham operators. Andy - KB2EOQ one of the early members step up and started the job of writing an English help file based on his and other members experience using the program. The project got it's big break when Oba - JA7UDE joined the group providing us the need translation help and a communications link to Mako - JE3HHT.

Oba - JA7UDE first message to the group.

I am Oba, JA7UDE. Today, I have just come to this forum through the JE3HHT web site. JE3HHT, Mr. Mori has been developing great software programs, such as MMTTY, an antenna simulator, a logging software, a QSL card composer. I have been using his antenna simulator over a year and very impressed with it. I have not yet used MMTTY but it would be nice if I could help translating the help file to English. Is there any Japanese-to-English translation project going on?


Here are some of the early members of the group who worked hard to help bring MMTTY to English speaking Amateur Radio operators. Many also carried on to help when JE3HHT gave us MMSSTV, his slow scan TV program.

Andrew - K3UK - The one behind the original help file.
Bill - K5YG 
Don - AA5AU - Mr. RTTY, with so much RTTY help and advise.
Ed - K4SB 
Jerry - W4UK 
John - W4JKL 
Ken - VE5KC - Webmaster & English program distributor.
Oba - JA7UDE - Translator, trouble-shooter and our link to JE3HHT.
Phil - GU0SUP

As well, all the hams who ask and/or answer questions on the MMTTY Yahoo discussion group.

Thanks to all my fellow amateur radio operators for their help in the early days of the MMTTY project. A very special thank you to my Japanese friends, Mako for writing his fine programs and Oba for making the English language versions possible! Sorry if I have missed you out

Ken - VE5KC

* This is a work in progress as we approach the 10 anniversary of MMTTY and the MM Hamsoft website. 

Early History of MMTTY

Messages from Andy - KB2EOQ
(with summary of msg from MMTTY user group during the early days)

Andrew O'Brien
Sat, 20 Sep 2008


Glad you are adjusting to the move and major change in life, I am not sure if many members/users of MMTTY know how MMTTY and Ken's involvement evolved. MMTTY was a "obscure" unknown entity that a few folks discovered and moved in to prominence via their efforts. The digitalradio group discovered the software in Japanese, , poked around with it and members shared how to make it work, We then found Mako,and discovered he had no ability to write an English help file. I then wrote one and went on vacation and upon my return Mako had actually added my help file to MMTTY (I was honored). Then Ken, Scott, Jan,, myself and others got together and made a more professional help file. Ken started a web page to publish updates to the program . It was all a voluntary effort to assist Obo and Mako with their considerable efforts to produce the world's best (RTTY software.

Here is some of the history as it happened, note Ken arrived on the scene August 15 2000.


August 11 , 2000


Is there anybody who using/used or testing/tested MMTTY software by JE3HHT?

I just downloaded V1.5.1. It's really "RTTY-factory", it's freeware, but regretfully having .doc-file on Japanese language. I wondering, whether already exists english version
of MMTTY manual and converter from MMTTY-logbook file format to any popular file format (.dbf, .adi,... etc)?

73! Kosta de UR5FFC


August 12, 2000



August 14, 2000

Hi Andy

This is JE3HHT Mako in OSAKA

Nice to meet you, and Thank you for touch with me.

> Hello.
> Downloaded MMTTY. Is English Help Available Anywhere Please.

I am sorry Andy, now English Help is not available. I am not good at in English.

Now I am fixing this program almost everyday and upload it to my Homepage so often.


August 12, 2000




August 12, 2000

I have version 1.53 running here.

Have stumbled upon Ctrl-O to open a Digital Scope window, but have not gotten beyond that... any hints on how to use the Digital Scope? What
is the purpose of the Green bar at the top that can be varied in width ? How is an input applied to this scope???

Can anyone provide some insight as to the Setup MMTTY parameters: particularly, the tabs for Demodulator and AFC/PLL ??? At various points, when I click on the "f" button, we get a graphical display, but I have not as yet reached any conclusion as to what the each graph represents/means during operation.

I must look further into the recording features available under the File Menu.

Perhaps we could start a thread on each tab option, and come up with some useful hints/suggested operational settings.

It appears to be a super program and well thought out. A well kept secret, also.

My thanks to JE3HHT, OM Mako, for supplying a soundcard RTTY program to the global Ham radio community.

73s, es Have Fun,
de ~Vince~ WA2RSX


August 13, 2000

Just gave it a test drive, what a nice package. Highly recommended!



wow! really neat interface, even though haven't figured it all out yet.

how to change baud rate, trying to copy CFH @ 425 shift and 75/100 baud. no problem with the shift but how to do the baud rate?

David Michael Gaytko


August 14, 2000

I have written a very preliminary draft of an English Help file. It is only about 10% done and simply covers setting up MMTTY for simply RTTY operation,
transmitting, receiving, macros programming, and changing the waterfall. I am assuming that others would like to add to the project, so feel free to
email me your contributions and I'll compile them. Be sure to use the MMTTY reflector to announce what aspect of MMTTY you are writing about, that way
you will avoid duplicating someone else's effort.

The initial draft of the help file is in Microsoft Word (RTF) Rich Text format. I'll make an HTML version later tonight after work.

I have uploaded the file to the reflector's files section at, please download it and offer suggestions.



August 15, 2000

Hi Andy..

Your help file is looking good! You can also add that the color of the XY Scope trace can also be changed. Just below where you show changing the waterfall colors.. The XY scope makes tuning a real snap, even easier than looking at the waterfall or spectrum displays. Just tune for a cross with equal legs : +

PS.. I downloaded the file in ZIP format, thanks AD7U. That will be a lot better for those with a slower connection. J

73 . . Ken - VE5KC


August 16, 2000

Hi guys...

I've been busy playing today and have set up an English Web Site for MMTTY. (if your typing this out, there is a _ [underscore] between mmtty and rtty)

I'm sure that there are things that can be changes in time and I'm open to your input. I will do my best to keep it current subject to available time. I hope this effort meets with the MMTTY group's approval.. Especially Mako, I hope this is OK with you.

Thanks to Andy, Mako and the group for assisting in the MMTTY project.

73 . . Ken - VE5KC


August 30, 2000

I should probably let you know who is here...

So far we have
Jan - K2XA
Oba - JA7UDE
Phil Cooper - GU0SUP
[Owner] Andy O'Brien - KB2EOQ
Bill Ayer - KB4IJ
Ken - VE5KC



August 31, 2000

Re: [mth] Up and running

Hi Andy and the group,

I've just been taking a bit of a breather today after so much going on the past few days.

Thank you Andy for taking on the task of heading things, this will help to get organized and set the direction to go. I also agree with Obo on waiting for Mako's input on what he would like to see.

I would be more happy to handle putting new files up on the English website, after they are approved by the group. Anything else the group would like on that site, let me know as I can always use input in making it work and be an asset for all the users. There is no problems with sending me files. I have a high speed connection and check the mail many times during the day,



August 16 2001

Hi guys..

The MM Hamsoft is celebrating it's first birthday.. It's hard to believer that a whole year has passed since the beginning of the original MMTTY English Website August 16, 2000.

Join in the celebration and stop by for a piece of virtual birthday cake.. It can be any flavor you like.. :-)

Thanks to everyone who has made this a great year!

73 . . . Ken - VE5KC

Webmaster- MM Hamsoft -

MMTTY Revision History