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Original code by JE3HHT - Makoto Mori

DL1PBD - Alex Schewelew & DL2KQ - Igor Gontcharenko

Multilingual MM Antenna Analyzer
(MS Windows)
"MMANA-GAL basic is still free for Amateur Radio Use"

What Happened to the MMAMA Program?
MMANA has a new name. and will now be called MMANA-GAL - GAL is an united abbreviation of names of DL1PBD and DL2KQ. This reflects substantial structure changes to the program. Besides regular improvements, new improvements create the possibility of further improvements of capabilities and services available with the program.

MMANA-GAL is an antenna-analyzing tool based on the moment method, which was introduced in MININEC. The program provides ability for changing the language of signs and messages of the program. In addition to English (default), Russian (more information about Russian MMANA available on DL2KQ's website: http:\\ ) and Bulgarian, five more languages have been added with the new release. You now have the additional choice of German (by Alex Schewelew, DL1PBD and Ulrich Weiss, DJ2YA), [more information about German MMANA-GAL available on website: http://dl2kqde/mmana/4-7.htm ], Japanese (by Nobuyuki Oba, JA7UDE), Spanish (by Valentin Alonso Gracia, EA4GG & Dimitri Aguero, F4DYT), Serbian (by Slobodan Ilic' YU1GV), and Czech (by Martin Kratoska, OK1RR) user languages.

Users can easily write a file in their own language by editing the English one. This means, MMANA will be able to communicate with an user in ANY language, actually in the language of his operation system, and that users will be able to write language files themselves. Besides, a user is now able to edit the program's signs, messages and Help file in his own language.







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For support, information, program downloads and support go to the Official  MMANA-GAL website