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Interfacing Information

Connecting the computer to your rig for using MM Hamsoft programs is the same as with most other sound card software. You can easily build your own interface. You can buy the necessary parts from most electronic supply companies Another option is building from a kit is an easier way to go as all the necessary parts and instructions are supplied. If you don't have the time or don't feel comfortable with building your own interface you now have the option of buying a ready made solution.

How to Hook Up the Sound Card to the Radio
Hardware Setup (basic interfacing)

- Use shielded leads.
- Connect the audio output from the radio to the line or mic input of the sound card.
- Connect the output of the sound card to the microphone, aux microphone, or data input of the radio. However, see the next section on attenuation

Transmit Attenuation

The second step above is the one that causes problems. You should insert an attenuator in the sound card output line to reduce the audio level or you may overdrive the audio stage of your transmitter. Some transmitters already have an attenuator or voltage divider, but even these often operate well with even more signal reduction in the line between the sound card output and the radio mic or audio input. Here is a picture of a 100:1 voltage divider to use as an attenuator. You can replace one or both resistors with potentiometers for more adjustment, but usually a 100:1 works fine.


Depending on your individual setup, you may want to add ferrite beads to the input and output leads, and possibly decoupling capacitors. Of course, these might be needed even without the attenuator.

Help for building an interface

Rig interfacing pin outs etc.

Taken the time to read the help file.
A lot of work and time goes into making the necessary help information available for you. Check the interfacing information in the Program help files:

Use a search engine,
The Internet can answer most questions. Google is one of the best: .
Click here to go to Google search for sound card (This is a link directly to the Google search results.)

After you have taken the time to read a and understand what is involved you should find it is very simple
to interface the computer and radio. (like the diagrams show above)

You will see that in the simplest form, it is a matter of connecting audio from your computer to the radio mic input and audio from the radio to your computers soundcard line in or mic jacks. From there it will depend on what works best for you and how fancy you want to go..

If you still can't find the answer you need. Go to the Yahoo Groups and ask a specific question about
your problem..

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