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MM Hamsoft Programmer's Information

Programmers, you can add RTTY, PSK, SSTV and other modes to your programs. Mako - JE3HHT has made available his MMTTY, MMSSTV and MMVARI Engines that will allow adding their features to your programs.

Please read the terms and conditions for distribution and use, below!

Please take the time to read the terms of use!

Files are available on the programmmers Download Page.


For the following are available to expand the use if the MM Programs.

MMTTY Engine 1.68a

MMVARI Engine 1.08a
With English Help by Vitaly - US5MTJ

MMSSTV Engine 1.06

(MMTTY - Active X control)

( Interface to MMTTY, MMSSTV, MMVARI)

ExtFSK  - [formerly COMFSK (EXTFSK)]
(PTT/FSK -> legacyl ports MMTTY & MMVARI)

(MMTTY - TNC emulation)

MM-WaveLink and MM-NetRadio
Operate from remote PC over network using TCP

Use MM programs with Ham Radio Deluxe

See Programmer Downloads

 Please Read Terms of Use Below 

Please use the to request help!

Programs known to use or work with MMTTY, MMSSTV & MMVARI

This needs updated - if your program  is missing let us know!

Hamscope - freeware

N1MM Logger - freeware

DXLab - freeware

WriteLog for Windows - commercial

Using MMTTY with your programs

Using MMSSTV with your programs

Using MMVARI with your programs


Please read carefully!

Distributing the MMTTY and MMSSTV Engine & Help files 

TERMS and Conditions

For support please, see the Contact and Support page