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Ham Radio Deluxe


HRDPTT is a Windows DLL that allows interconnection of the MMHAMSOFT programs with the Ham Radio Deluxe rig control program.

HRDPTT Version 0.53 released (July 29, 2006)

***** Preface *****
HRDPTT.mmr is a Windows DLL that bridges the MMHAMSOFT programs - MMSSTV, MMTTY, MMVARI to Ham Radio Deluxe using the programs custom radio command features. The current version only works for the PTT and frequency polling. With this DLL, the user can PTT the rig through Ham Radio Deluxe.

***** Install *****
Hereafter, MMSSTV is used as an example. If your software is MMTTY, just replace MMSSTV with MMTTY.
(1) Copy HRDPTT.mmr to the folder where MMSSTV.EXE is installed.
(2) Click on Option and select Setup MMSSTV.
(3) Click on the TX tab.
(4) Push Radio command button in the PTT pane.
(5) From the drop-down list of Port, select HRDPTT. If you do not find HRDPTT in the list, check you have HRDPTT.mmr in the MMSSTV folder.
(6) Click OK to return the main window.

***** Usage *****
Run Ham Radio Deluxe and MMSSTV. You can PTT the rig through Ham Radio Deluxe.

***** Uninstall *****
Just delete HRDPTT.mmr.

73 de JA7UDE Oba

***** Version history *****
Version 0.53 July 29, 2006
Fixed an unstable behavior with MMSSTV.
Version 0.52 May 11, 2005
Fixed an MMSSTV timing issue.
Version 0.5 January 19, 2005
Fixed a bug.
Version 0.4 January 4, 2005
Totally rewrote the code in VisualC++ 6.0.
Version 0.1 September 14, 2004
First version, written in Borland C++ Builder.