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MMD - enables MMSSTV, MMTTY, and MMVARI -- to directly log QSOs to DXKeeper using Commander for transceiver control.
The Bridge is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.

Additional information on using MMD with DXKeeper can be found here:

***** Install MMD. *****
Unzip the package to any folder you like. You will have two files: MMD.EXE and MMD.TXT.
After you first run MMD.EXE, you will have another file, MMD.INI, which records some
configuration information.

1) Click on Option, select Setup Logging, click Conversion tab, and check TurboHAMLOG/WIN.
2) In the same tab, select UTC always.
3) If you switch TX/RX through CI-V commander, check PTT controls, too.
4) If you get MMD to read frequency from CI-V commander, check Frequency polling, too.

.***** Uninstall MMD. *****
Just delete MMD files. MMD does not read or write Windows registry.

[Using MMD]
Run MMD.EXE. You will see a vertically long window popped up. MMD automatically sets
up links to MMTTY, MMSSTV or MMVARI and DXKeeper.

***** Comment. *****
Comments and feedback would be appreciated. Please, as always, use the Yahoo Groups communicate with us..

***** Acknowledgement *****
Thank you, Dave-san AA6YQ, for your kind support always!

***** Debug information *****
- To make MMTTY, MMSSTV or MMVARI properly link to MMD, you must run MMD first, and then run MMTTY, MMSSTV or MMVARI.
- MMSSTV sometimes loses link to MMD. In such a case, restart MMSSTV.

***** Version history *****

6.00 November 4, 2006
- Added an interface to DXBase (TNX to Gavin GM0GAV)

5.04j November 19, 2005
- Changed the QSL via information
- Added contest number entries
- Changed the skin

5.04i November 15, 2005
- Made it compatible to Windows 98

5.04h November 12, 2005
- Fixed a bug in reading the frequency from Commander.

5.04g November 7, 2005
- Added frequency reading function from Commander.

5.04f November 6, 2005
- Fixed a bug that did not detect DXKeeper and Commander running.

5.04d November 3, 2005
- Fixed a bug in TIME_OFF

5.04c November 2, 2005
- Added COMMENT tag.
- Added QSLMsg tag.
- Added TIME_OFF tag.
- Corrected the version mismatch.
- Added TX/RX switch through CI-V Commander.

5.04a November 1, 2005
- Released the first trial version.

Download: Ver. 6.0