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Add on and Utilities for MMTTY, MMSSTV and MMVARI

Soundcard Select is an add on for MMVARI that makes selecting sound card devices (different id's) for in+output possible.

Soundcard Select Information & Download

EXTFSK is a user-customizable PTT/FSK API of MMTTY. It gives a means of interfacing to a Windows DLL, which works just like a plug-in module.

EXTFSK Information & Download

HRDPTT is a Windows DLL that allows interconnection of the MMHAMSOFT programs with the Ham Radio Deluxe rig control program.

HRDPTT Information & Download

MMV2WAV converts the MMV audio file to the WAV forma

MMV2WAV Information & Download

MMD - enables MMSSTV, MMTTY, and MMVARI -- to directly log QSOs to DXKeeper using Commander for transceiver control.
The Bridge is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.

MMD Information & Download

MM Remote - Run MMTTY or MMSSTV from a remote computer, control your radio and obtain data for the log using MM-NetRadio and MM-WaveLink.

MM Remote Information & Download

QuickMix is freeware program that quickly and easily allows you to o save and restore different mixer settings. Recommended for all SoundCard programs!  * Note: This applies to version of Windows before Vista!

QuickMix Information & Download