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* Note: This applies to version of Windows before Vista!

Are you fed up with carefully setting the audio mixer on your Windows computer only to have the settings changed by another application or when you reboot? would you like to save and restore different mixer settings for use with different programs? QuickMix is freeware program that quickly and easily allows you to do this.

QuickMix is highly recommend to simplify your computer use with various programs, especially when changing among sever amateur radio applications. To make this work even easier, I suggest that you use it in conjunction with batch or command files. This way, you have your windows shortcut start a cmd (bat) file that start your program and then runs QuickMix to set your mixer. You will need to make a simple cmd (bat) file for each program you run that requires the mixer to be properly set.

To make this work you must first start your program (in this case MMTTY), set the mixer the way you want, then run QuickMix to save the settings to a QuickMix configuration file (.qmx). Now create your command file (same as a batch file) using your program paths and QuickMix .qmx file ham like in the example below.

@echo off
echo mmtty.cmd
echo Starting MMTTY

D:\Program\Ham\MMTTY\MMTTY.qmx ; QuickMix file


Download: QuickMixIn-v106.EXE