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MM Hamsoft Terms of Use

Programs By JE3HHT - Makoto Mori and the MM Hamsoft Website 

All programs are either  open source or  freeware

TERMS and Conditions:

All of the programs distributed on the MM Hamsoft Website are open source or freeware. Programs are released with no support or warranty. The author and/or the MM Hamsoft website accepts no responsible and/or liability for damage that may be caused by the use his program.

JE3HHT's software may be freely copied and/or re-distribution provide that you follow the open source terms.  Under no circumstances can you make any charge for the programs or Documentation.

Making programs available from your website:

If you choose to make the programs available from your website, you should not host the files on your site/server. Software distributors should make MM programs available by providing links to the MM Hamsoft website:

This will ensure that users have access to the latest version and support information. Always link to the main page, . Links to any other pages or direct to files may change, leaving dead links on your website.