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MM Hamsoft Terms of Use

Programs By JE3HHT - Makoto Mori and the MM Hamsoft Website 

All programs are either  open source or  freeware

TERMS and Conditions:

All of the programs distributed on the MM Hamsoft Website are freeware. The world wide copyright is held by Makoto (Mako) Mori, JE3HHT. Programs are released with no support or warranty. The author accepts no responsible and/or liability for damage that may be caused by the use his program.

JE3HHT's software may be freely copied and/or re-distribution provide that you make no charge for the programs. Shareware distributors who include MMTTY on a CD may charge reasonable fee for their service. This fee should be in line with what is considered normal such Shareware distributions. Under no circumstances can you make any charge for the programs or Documentation.

Making programs available from your website:

If you choose to make Mako's programs available from your website, it is preferred that you link to the MM Hamsoft website . This will ensure that users have access to the latest version and support information. Always link to the main page, , links to any other pages on the site may change leaving dead links on your web site.

If you decide to upload the programs to your server and make them available, you should provide a link to the MM Hamsoft website on your download page.