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MM Hamsoft

MMTTY, MMSSTV and are now Open Source!

Mako JE3HHT, the author of MMTTY, MMVARI, and MMSSTV, has released these
applications to open source development under the LGPL license. This license
enables developers and companies to use and integrate MMTTY, MMSSTV, and
MMVARI, while ensuring that all improvements to source code are made publicly

The MM-Open organization has been established to encourage and facilitate open
source development. Anyone may create public or private branches of these
applications. A set of Committers will maintain a master branch for each application;
the initial Committers are Bob N4HY, Eric KE5DTO, Oba JA7UDE, and Steve N5AC.
Packaged versions of MMTTY, MMVARI, and MMSSTV assembled from the
master branches will continue to be available via web pages administered by Ken

Source code for these applications is available via GitHub, courtesy of

Existing Yahoo Groups will continue to be used to convey defect reports and
enhancement requests.

For additional information about the LGPL license, MM-Open governance model, and
development process, see

73,     Dave, AA6YQ (Secretary, MM-Open)