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10th Anniversary of MM Hamsoft and MMTTY

We've created this special place so you can join in celebrating 10 years of the MM software and website. Please take the time to be a part of this special mark in time! You will only be able to leave your comments for the next couple of weeks so don't wait. After that the page will be locked as read only. Be sure to check back to read what other users have to add.

It all started in 2000 and by August, of that year the first English website for MMTTY was online! A lot of things have changed over the years. We have graduated from free hosting sites to the present where the website is hosted on leased high speed clustered servers. We've come a long way to the point where we can be proud of the dependability of our website. Through it all MMTTY has remained the most popular RTTY program of all time, along with MMSSTV, still considered on of the top slow scan TV programs.

Read about the early beginnings on the History page.

Looking back in time - archived pages: MMTTY_RTTY - MM Hamsoft

In addition to being a stand alone program, the main engine of MMTTY, MMSSTV and MMVARI are used in many free and commercial programs. You could be using an RTTY, PSK or SSTV program without being aware that it is powered by MM.

Please join in the celebration by post your comments below. Tell us your experiences with MMTTY, MMSSTV and MMVARI. Most of all take this opportunity to thanks JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori for this great software! Let's all tell Makoto how much we appreciate his contributions to our hobby.

The MM Hamsoft Website is made possible by users support through advertising and donations. This site has been provided and maintained by VE5KC since it's first inception as the MMTTY-RTTY website in August of 2000.

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Guest Comments


A special Thanks de VE5KC Aug 01 2010

My most special thank you to Mo ri-san for your wonderful gift to amateur radio! Mako I have been very fortunate to know and work with you over the years. I hope that this page will be well used by your may friends and users of your programs, to express their appreciation of the time and hard work you have put into making your excellent programs.

Oba, thank you to you for your support an dedication. From the beginning you join us in doing the most valuable translations from Japanese to English and have stayed with all the time providing help and support in the a Yahoo Groups.

I would like to thank all those who have been part of making MM Hamsoft possible with there time, support and donations. You are the ones who have helped to keep the website online over the years. Also, to those who run the Yahoo Groups and to all the members who take the time to help others with their program and hardware problems. What a great group of people and it has been my pleasure to work with you!

73 . . Ken - VE5KC


Thank you for your wonderful gift Aug 01 2010

????Mori??????????????????????????????! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Google Translation: (Moderator)

Dear Mo ri-san, thank you for your wonderful gift to amateur radio! I am a user of your program for years, always acknowledged the hard work put in to make them so superior to you.


Brilliant software - many thanks. Aug 01 2010

I run several PCs both at my home shack, mobile, portable and at my work location. I have software using the MMTTY engine for RTTY etc on all of them and it has always worked first time every time, even on the oldest of my laptop collection!
I tried it on my old 233MHz Compaq Presario 1230 and it even works perfectly on that.

Many thanks for all your time and software writing skills.


Bernard G3SMW Aug 01 2010

Many thanks to Makoto Mori JE3HHT for all his fine programs. I use them a lot because they are neat and well thought out.


Big Thank YOU from down under Aug 01 2010

Thanks to all people who made MMANA-GAL available to the amateur radio community.

I particularly like the optimization engine!!!!!



de AD2Q Aug 01 2010

Thanks Mori for MMVARI, MMSSTV, and MMTTY. I have used them all. The macro capability of MMVARI is especially helpful.


Thank for this great piece of software Aug 01 2010

Hello Mako,
many thanks for this great software and your support on Ham Radio.
This is a very special thanks from a programmer (me) who is using your MMTTY and MMVARI in his application as plug-in.
73 dear Mako, all the very best!
de Walter, DL4RCK


KV4FE JIM Aug 01 2010

I got into Ham radio specifically to operate RTTY. Then it was a model 19 and a converted Navy Demodulator. Now that I 'found' MMTTY it's ease of setup and great features I have given up on 'machines' You have revived RTTY and made digital modes work for the rest of us. thank you Mori.


Thanks Mako! Aug 01 2010

I started using RTTY in January 2010, and have used MMTTY as a stand alone program since then. I'm having a blast with it. Thanks for all the enjoyment that you've enabled!
-73 Kai KE4PT


I am so grateful to Makoto Mori as for real friend of mine. Aug 01 2010

Dear Moris san,
You gave us so much as a nice brother can give his younger brother with helping him out with a nice solution of his radio-communication tool.
Your software are valuable, the best of all.
As for me I use MMTTY versions for long -at least for fifteen years.
It is always ready on my computer, at the moment as well.
I wish you good health and further success on all fields of your life.
gl de ha6nn


Thanks Mako! Aug 01 2010

Many thanks for creating such great software! I'm especially grateful for the MMVARI DSP engine that I use in my Airlink Express ( software. This has enabled me to create digital mode software with a familiar user experience that makes some of the idiosyncrasies of the latest Windows releases invisible to the user.

Thank you for the time, energy and wisdom you have shared with the Amateur Radio community.

--Alex KR1ST


fm R9CB with gratitude Aug 01 2010

MMTTY is the most outstanding RTTY machine, completely customizable to fit your style and band conditions. What better do we need in?
Thank you, Mr. Mori!


A great gift to the Ham community! Aug 01 2010

Thank you Mori-san for producing software for our use. MMTTY has
revolutionized RTTY operating. I use it at K6UFO, NN7SS, and W6YX.
It has provided many hours of enjoyable operating. K6UFO "Mork"


Thanks Aug 01 2010

Thank you.

Susan K5DU


Thanks for MMTTY Aug 01 2010

Thank you for such a wonderful piece of software.

73, John N1JM


Thanks MMTTY Aug 01 2010


Vilnis/ YL2KF


Thanks Aug 01 2010

One word only: such result


Only someone programming himself
will know how much time and energy
you had to spent to archive such result

mni tnx agn Heinz DK7UM


Software that changed amateur radio... Aug 01 2010

Having operated RTTY from 1964, I experienced the transition from mechanical machines to desktop computers, and tube type RTTY demodulators to soundcard replacements.

MMTTY and its cousins have helped transform the RTTY experience into the digital age. In addition, it has helped increase the activity in the digital bands. I recall DXpeditions that lugged hardware based RTTY equipment to remote locations to the disappointment of many when these systems failed! With the combination of laptop computers and MMTTY, these frustrations are only a memory of the past.

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of this software product that was "way ahead of its time"! And thank you for providing it to the amateur radio community for us to use and enjoy.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN


I love MMTTY Aug 01 2010

I love MMTTY engine.


Thank You de W7CT Aug 01 2010

Thank you for a great piece of software. I enjoy using it very much!


Jim W7CT


Thank you from Paraguay! Aug 01 2010

Thank you Mako for making it so easy to operate RTTY! Other than a dozen QSOs with the PK-232 in the early 1996, all my RTTY operation has been with MMTTY. All of us are grateful for your genius and hard work! 73 de Steve ZP9EH


Muchas Gracias !!! (Thank you so much) Aug 01 2010

Dear Mako,

You are a very special person for giving this tremendous gift to the Amateur radio community.

Thanks to your program, I got interested on RTTY.

Thanks for sharing.


Luis XE2AC / W2GO


Thanks!! Aug 01 2010

Your program for me is like a tool that I can depend to work every time! Thanks for your dedication!!
Jake Sartwell AA1E


Thank You, Mori-san! Aug 01 2010

MMTTY is a tremendous contribution to RTTY operation. Not only freeware, but one of the best decoders available. And, because it is soundcard-based, many hams have been able to get on RTTY, both casual and serious operators. It has become the standard for ham radio RTTY decoders/encoders.

Ed - W0YK/P49X/7J1ACJ


Thanks for a great software package Aug 01 2010

I want to add my thanks to the creator and maintainers of this great software package. I have been using it for a long time and makes RTTY operation very painless. You have done a great service for everyone who wishes to operate the digital modes. 73


Thank You for MMTTY! Aug 01 2010

MMTTY is a wonderful gift to Ham Radio - thank you, Mori-san! I have used it for a long time for contesting, DXing and casual QSOs.
73 de Phil, W6TQG


WOW Aug 01 2010

WOW, It's hard to believe it's been around so long already, time flies when you're having fun..... I've been using MMSSTV and MMRTTY for almost 9 years now and wouldn't use any other. The work you have done and continue to do is a credit to you, a very heart felt "Job Well Done".
Keep up the good work Mako!!


Fantastic contribution Aug 01 2010

Dear Mako, I as most RTTY ops have been using MMTTY for years and found it just as easy to operate from the first day I tried it to date. This has been a fantastic contribution to amateur radio, in fact I think that it gave our hobby one more reason to be what it is.
I would also like to thank all involved in helping Mako and his software to reach english speaking hams thus giving us the privilege to use such fine tool.
Thank you,
Fabi va2up


Great software!! Aug 01 2010

I certainly echo the many tributes in the previous submissions. I have used MMTTY for chasing HF RTTY DX and for RTTY contesting with Writelog for at least the past 6 or 7 years. I cannot recall a serious problem with it in those years. To make it public domain is a great service to the amateur community. Thank you and good luck with your other endeavors.

Jack, VE7CF


Thanks Aug 01 2010

Thank you Mako for all of the time and effort that you put into these great programs. I have used them from the beginning. I just checked and I see that I have about 60 different versions of your programs stored on my hard drive.
I wish you could find the time to add some of the features of the newer programs that are available now
Bud - KV7G - Glenrock, WY - USA


Thank you! (?????!) Aug 01 2010

Mori san,
Thank you for such a great program. It is the single most important revolution in the history of RTTY.
Where would we be without it?
I was privileged to be one of the first non-JA's to use it, and I have been using it ever since. It is my day-to-day RTTY program, and the MMTTY engine is used in my contest software.
Thank you for your hard work in developing such a great program, and making it available FREE to everyone.

73 de Phil GU0SUP


Thank You Mori-san Aug 01 2010

Thank You, Mori-san!
MMTTY is a tremendous contribution to RTTY operation. Not only freeware, but one of the best decoders available. And, because it is soundcard-based, many hams have been able to get on RTTY, both casual and serious operators. It has become the standard for ham radio RTTY decoders/encoders.
It was suggested by AA5AU on his website and has met all of my needs since
Thank you VERY MUCH Mori-san
Kansas USA


MMSSTV - The best SSTV program ever! Aug 01 2010

Thank you Mako-san.


Thank you sir! Aug 01 2010

A most wonderful gift to hams all over the world, Mako. We all owe you big time!

Duane Budd, W5BEN
Johnson City, TN


MMTTY 10th Anniv Aug 01 2010

It is the best download I can recall. Works just great and doesn't break!

Thank you so much.

73, Steve, K4FJ


Domo - Arigato Mori-san! Aug 01 2010

MMTTY is the #1 reason for the explosion we have seen in RTTY and RTTY Contesting. It's been great to be a part of it!


Sincerest Thanks Aug 01 2010

Thank you Mori-san for providing the means for me to get back into RTTY after many years, and for providing the software to try out PSK and SSTV as well! I was very active in the 1970's with hardware based RTTY, and can now do even better with the MM software and a basic computer.
73, Bob - WB2COY


RE: MM Hamsoft and MMTTY - 10th Anniversary Aug 01 2010


Au nom de la communauté des radioamateurs français, je vous remercie pour
vos logiciels qui sont très utiles pour notre hobby.

Bon anniversaire ! ;-)

73’s Pascal, F6HCM

Google Translation: (Moderator)


On behalf of the French amateur radio community, I thank you for
Your software is very useful for our hobby.

Happy anniversary ! ;-)

73’s Pascal, F6HCM


MM Hamsoft and MMTTY - 10th Anniversary Aug 01 2010

A big thank you for a great piece of software from all in G-Land

It got me back onto RTTY and I still use it through N1MM

VY 73 Rex - G8UBJ


TNX Aug 01 2010

Thank you for such outstanding software!

Dale BA4TB


Silent Witness Aug 01 2010

I have been a fan of MMTTY since it appeared on my screen. I have had it running on two different platforms with no problems what-so-ever. Although I am not on the bands a whole lot, when I do get a chance to operate RTTY the program has operated flawlessly. I say this as a testimony of the great software that has been written and offered free to the user. I am grateful that I am free of the green keys, oily mess and clatter of the mechanical teletype equipment. The nostalgia is gone, but the fun is still there in hooking that rare one. Thanks to all of you who have dedicated your self to making this corner of the hobby a memorable experience. Roger Buel, W9NCQ


Great Software Aug 01 2010

Thank you , is the only software I use for RTTY
Helga, in3fhe


Tnx Maco Aug 02 2010

You gave us the possibility to play RTTY but the most important is that you gave more than a piece of software to all of us: you learned us to offer to ham community...


Thank you Aug 01 2010

Mako san a big big thank you. been using MMTTY since i caught the RTTY bug about 7 yrs ago,has been a flawless bit of software and will continue to use till the end of my radio day.
mako san congratulations and best wishes!!!
De MW0CRI David


A big hug and my hat off to you, Makoto Aug 03 2010

May God bless you and your family. You are providing a powerful tool to all amateur radio enthusiast in the whole world.

I use MMTTY in combination with N1MM for contesting.... Super !!

With regards,

Rafael / NN3RP
Washington, DC


A life fulfilled...... Aug 03 2010

Thank you so much Mori San for your generosity of your skills and knowledge to the Amateur Radio fraternity. I was a young Post office Engineer in the 60's and was intrigued with the hardware version of RTTY - now I can use the same mode from home in my retirement. I look forward to many many hours of using MMTTY in the future.
73 de G6eny


And don't forget MMANA Aug 03 2010

Mako and the gang...
I've also spent a lot of time with MMANA-GAL antenna modeling software. It's another fantastic contribution.
Thanks and 73.
Norm W1ITT


Thank You for the greatest RTTY Program Aug 03 2010

I just wanted to pass on my many thanks to everyone that is involved in the greatest RTTY program. I have used it from day 1 and still see no need to change. Very simple to setup and a joy to use. I am just starting to get active on RTTY once again after a couple years break, and MMTTY is the old faithful program of choice.

73 De Mike


Excellent Aug 03 2010

Dear Mako

I knew you had produced a winner when I first compared your MMTTY program
to other software offerings at the time and even compared to my old st-6
and ut-4 combo. MMTTY frequently gave fewer error characters in the copy.

A huge thank-you for making MMTTY and your other excellent running software
readily available to the amateur radio community.

Best Regards, John / VE7BDQ


Thanks for your great support to amateur radio Aug 04 2010

Dear Moris san,
Thank you so much for the MMTTY as well as for other software you develop. I can imagine it is a big, bog work and you make your software available for free for amateur radio community.
With MMTTY it became quite easy to operate on RTTY. I am sure it opened the world of RTTY for many of us.
Thanks for all you great work, passion and your will to share your knowledge with us.



Thank You for a really great set of software for Amateur Radio. Aug 04 2010

I have used your software for several years and it has been exceptional.
Nice to see a good software program like this in the public domain.
Thank You again for providing this software to the Amateur Community.

Dick Philstrom W0TLE


Congratulations 10th Anniversary MMTTY Aug 06 2010

Nearly 10 years has been a favorite MMTTY. HF RTTY enjoys full communication with the rest.Very thank you Mori san.
de JA7GYP/Kei


Airlink express Aug 07 2010

Words cannot describe the quality of the current software.
Many thanks and god bless you and yours.


MMSSTV Aug 08 2010

Great software, now we need some great images.
how about a competition for the best artwork that also serves as technical evaluation images for S/N etc measurements.
Gary G7SLL


Many thanks to Mako Aug 09 2010

Many thanks for all the great software you have produced over the years. You are truly a gifted programmer whose efforts have had beneficial effects for all of us who enjoy this hobby. Keep up the good work! You have a hard act to follow!

73, Tim N4UM


Domo Arigato Aug 11 2010


Domo Arigato for your time and effort that goes into programs like this that continue to enhance the Ham Radio experience.

Dave NT9E


MMTTY the best Aug 11 2010

Mako, excellent, a fantastic tool for our hobby
I hope you can go ahead with the projects and updates.
there are always new things ..
hug and thank you very much for your time.

Javi LU5FF


happy birthday Aug 12 2010

In all these years I did not find a better SSTV program. Always a pleasure to work with. Good to see so many hams express the same opinion. 73 de Jan CT1KCL (Pa2JJC, 9H1JJ)


Thank You Makoto! Aug 12 2010

In the last 10 years I worked with MMVARI 042 for the RTTY and PSK modes. This software absolutely perfect! Thank you Mako, you are the Big!
73' and good health from HA7PO Gabor


Thanks Makoto-san Aug 12 2010

I have really enjoyed using the MMSSTV program. Many QSO´s around the world with friendly people. Best 73 de Manuel YV5MM


Thanks Makoto-San for a very good program Aug 12 2010

I have used them for some time now and they have been excellent now that I am nearly retiring so will get more time next year many thanks cheers Harry



thanks Aug 12 2010

Many thanks to JE3HHT for all his very programs. I use them because they are neat and well thought out.

73 from france
(Fred F4EED)


Thank You Makoto for MMVARI! Aug 13 2010

Thank you very much for this excellent engine that I use successfully in my application.



Great software Aug 14 2010

Many thanks for the good job made on all MM software. LU1FDU


de G0FDU Aug 15 2010

Many thanks for your excellent software which I use on all RTTY and SSTV contests.

73 de Ray


Live long and prosper.. Aug 15 2010

Thank you Mori san - from an ex-Telex engineer and keen RTTY operator, MMTTY is an exceptional piece of programming with great GUI - here's to the next 10 years..... Keith (G4JKZ)


de 4Z5MY YAKOV MEILIH Aug 17 2010

Thanks for MMVARI, MMSSTV, and MMTTY. I have used them all. The macro capability of MMVARI is especially helpful.


Thanks Aug 17 2010

Very nice soft. Thanks OM 0 AMF


Congratulation Mori san Aug 18 2010

Thanks MORI san for all of your softs including MMSSTV fantastic that I use on the French QSO yet every day

From F5PNS


de G0CER Aug 18 2010

Thanks for your work and dedication to this great software Mori.


Great program Aug 19 2010

Look forward to using your programs for many years to come. Thanks.


Great program Aug 19 2010

Look forward to using MMTTY for a long time.


A Revolution in software Aug 19 2010

As important as RTTY (WF1B can I sign your guest book) in terms of enticing people to this wonderful hobby, MMTTY provided the first and best fool-proof way to easily get on the air. In spite of its ease of installation, it also provides such a wonderful accuracy that its still the demodulator to be compared with. Less finicky than RITTY, many people could start configuring their system an hour before a contest and be on the air at the starting gun.

Thank you thank you thank you so much!

Neal K3NC


??? ?????????????? Aug 19 2010

Thank you for a great program.
David JG1CYJ


From a grateful G3LDI Aug 19 2010

HI Mako-san.

I am always very envious of amateurs like you with the talent to write such super programs. I always recommend your programs to newcomers to data and obviously use it myself as my main RTTY program and for contesting within N1MM. Many thanks indeed for all your work.


Thanks! Aug 19 2010

Thank you Mori san. I've used MMSSTV and MMVARI for some years. I recently added the MMVARI sound card engine to my program APRS Messenger. Having written some software for amateur radio I know the time and effort needed to write and perfect such good software.


Chris, G4HYG



For making such a great program and may it to go from strength to strength!

73 Billy 2E1AXL Grantham, United Kingdom


Great programmer Aug 19 2010

Many thanks for the effort and the precious time .. spend in developing MMSTV


Congrats and Cudo's Aug 19 2010

Thank you for a great series of programs over the years. I have enjoyed the use of them and continue to still learn from them daily - congrats and cudo's on your 10th Anniversary of MM Hamsoft and MMTTY.
Harold Stang
Jacksonville FL


Vic M0COV City of Coventry UK Aug 19 2010

I have used the software for many years with good results from my low power station. I thank all involved and I am very grateful for the use of of it .


MMANA Aug 19 2010

My help in much occasion. Thank you IK6GQC Rocco


Thank You ! Aug 19 2010

Thanks for a wonderful set of programs. We use them all regularly.

73 - Bill KA8VIT


MMTTY Aug 19 2010

Thanks for this wonderful program!

Mount Kisco, NY USA



Many Great Radio Hours in digital modes with MMVARI!!!!




Mmana-Gal Aug 19 2010

Very good and simple program for antenna modeling.

Thank you very much.


Great Job guys Aug 19 2010

I found MMANA-GAL a great useful and friendly software.
It helps me many times in realizing new projects.
Thank you very much to all people involved in MMANA-GAL development.



New Ham finds Great Software! Aug 19 2010

Thank you Mo ri-san,
As a relatively new ham (2006), life is so much easier finding quality software - I'm into diamonds and MMTTY and MMVARI have been great for RTTY/PSK-31 in QSO's and contesting. I'm currently looking into antenna modeling and will be checking out your software for that.
Thanks for all of your hard work to better the community!


Good Stuff Aug 19 2010

The programs here are the best. No one is doing like this anywhere that is so easy to operate. Keep up the good work


Thank You Aug 19 2010

Thank You for such an excellent program and all of the effort it must have taken during its development. I have used MMTTY for many years both as a stand alone program and the engine in Writelog and RCKrtty.
73 and again Thank You
David KR4U, Saint Petersburg, Florida


Great Program! Aug 19 2010

Nice to have a antenna modeling program available that helps hams investigate their antenna designs so they can understand performance and make improvements. Great program! Thanks Mako-san. - Jim/N6JC


Thanks For MMTTY, MVARI and Capability for Other Programs Aug 19 2010

I am very indebted to Mo ri-san for your wonderful gift to amateur radio! Mako , I use Visual Basic to "talk" to your wonderful program. Without MMTTY, there is no way that I could offer my simple program to those that use it. You have done a major service to all of Ham Radio, and you have done much to introduce new comers into the Digital modes.

Brian K7RE


Big Thank You Aug 19 2010

I'd like to say a big thank you JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori for all your programs.
especially MMSSTV. I have bought a few commercial SSTV programs and was not really happy with them. then I found yours and the quality of received picture was just outstanding compared to the others I've used. ease of setup and rich in features makes MMSSTV number one in my book. I am also happy to be a part of MMSSTV help file. I look forward to other programs in the future and currents one's I haven't tried today. Thank you once again for all your time and effort in creating all these programs for us Amateur Operators and for making them free.

Russ Ely - WL7LP
North Pole, Alaska


Thanks for a great Program! Aug 19 2010
I use it with N1MM and Flex-Radio Products. It works great. I am glad to see this has lasted so long, considering how the computer world changes. Thank You for a great program Mako!

Jim Fuller N7VR
Don G3ZKN Aug 19 2010

Tks . for the use of the software very good 73 Don


Larry K1ZW Aug 19 2010

Thanks for the great software. 73


MMSSTV is GREAT!! Aug 19 2010

I have so much fun using MMSSTV!! Some of the pic I see are soooo FUNNY. Thanks for the privilege of downloading it.

'73 Rick KG4YVW



A big tnx fer all the great work you did contribute to digital hamradio and the worldwide radio community.
73 de SID DF8DQ


Thanks Aug 19 2010

Thank You for great program. 73 Jacek sp4tko


Congratulations on your 10 years!!! Aug 19 2010

Congratulations on your 10 years of truly amazing software. I think everyone who uses it owes a lot of gratitude to you.

Brian G0VAX


Happy Anniversary & Thanks Aug 19 2010

Thanks for the GREAT software(MMSSTV,MMTTY and others), and many years of support to the amateur community.

73, de KN4KL ed


Thanks! Aug 19 2010

Thanks for the wonderful free RTTY program.
W7LD / JACK / "Lucky-Dog"


Hooked on RTTY! Aug 19 2010

I've never operated RTTY before I discovered MMTTY but thanks to your great software and wonderful generosity I soon became hooked. It didn't take long to earn my RTTY DXCC and very close to earning my 5BWAS and 5BDXCC RTTY too (come on 10m!). On March 19, 2010 I completed what I believe to be the first ever 160m RTTY WAS (all confirmed via LoTW) thanks to MMTTY. It has attracted a great group of guys who together pool their knowledge and skills to promote both RTTY gear and MMTTY. The chat group has been very supportive and very patient to all who seek help and understanding. Thanks to all especially Mako Mori JE3HHT, for making all of this possible to so many.

Jeff Wheeler


Thank you for the service you have given to Amateur Radio Aug 19 2010

I want to extend my thanks to you, Makoto (Mako), for the outstanding effort you have given to the Amateur Radio community.
Your MM software packages are of the highest order. You are to be commended.
Your legacy of giving to Ham Radio will live forever.
Again Thank You and may always enjoy the very best.
de AF4GH George in Warner Robins GA


This program is why...... Aug 19 2010

.....I got involved in RTTY. Very easy to setup and use.
Thank you!
Kirk Mohror


My Computer is older than this program! Aug 19 2010

But seriously, that's a good thing. I run MMSSTV under WinNT on a vintage IBM PS/2 Server 95 (200 MHz Pentium Classic) and it runs very well. They entire platform is very stable and I typically let it run unattended when SSTV is active from ISS and, previously, MIR. The ultimate in reliability! Thanks for a great program!



Thanks! Aug 20 2010

Congratulations on the anniversary. Thanks to Mako and all the supporting cast, job well done.

73, Mike NF4L


Thank's a lot for your time Aug 21 2010


Thank's a lot for your time, your software solution is great and very simple to use it.

Best 73,
Miichel F1SRC IN87


Congratulations Aug 21 2010

MMSSTV is an enduring & pacesetting program - even after 10 years!
de VK7OO - Steve


Thanks Mako! Aug 21 2010

WW0E Jerry


Great Software Stands the Test of Time Aug 22 2010

How many programs are still being used ten years after being created? MMTTY is one of the few due to the efforts of its creator Mako-san and a great group of folks who continue to work on and support the program. Happy 10th!

--Dave WB2PJH


Thanks Aug 23 2010

Thanks so much for making MMANA-GAL freely available to the public. Very useful for many amateur antenna designers.

--Stephen W9SK


from AC6KD Aug 23 2010

This guy's a genius ! Keep up the`good work ... Some great programs ! Pete


Just thanks Aug 24 2010

Nice product for a new starter on modeling radio amateur antennas. But I do still have long way for the full understanding, so the coming winter will be used to get better knowledge of this fine program. OZ1AAR - Villy


Domo Arigato Aug 25 2010

Thanks for your unselfish contribution to Ham Radio. I use both MMSSTV and MMTTY, both FB programs!
KCØPTO Les Elliott


Thanks Makoto Aug 27 2010

Thank you very much for so nice software!!

Carlos, CO8CML


'73 de IW0BYL Aug 30 2010

I appreciate very much your software really powerful ad easy to be used. Best '73 de Michele IW0BYL


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