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What's new in MMANA-GAL basic ver

What's new in MMANA-GAL ver. Feb 9, 2012

minor update
1. *.mab file formats have been standardized between basic and PRO versions of
2 . Fast write the file of the currents *.csv.
3. The print of the far fields has been improved.
4. Some detected minor bugs are fixed.

MMANA-GAL basic v. dated June 21, .2011

1. The new version is now fully compatible with Windows 7, and 64-bit systems.
2. MININEC3m core has been rewritten, for improved accuracy of calculations, particularly in borderline cases.
3. The toolbar has been extended.
4. The auto-correction of user errors during segmentation has been improved.
5. Memory handling for the large antennas has been improved.
6. Corrected memory allocation when multiple windows are running simultaneously.
7. The user interface of the Wire Edit window has been improved.
8. The "LC match" tab displays a schematic diagram.
9. Fix for the bug causing the distortion in the "Far Field" tab on the widescreen monitors.
10. File formats have been standardised between MMANA-GAL PRO and GAL-ANA.
11. Correction to the font size. All windows use the same size font.
12. Separate window "HF components".
13. A new extended English HTML Help file has been produced with extended Optimisaton section
(Thanks to Mario Chomicz G8ODE, Alastair Couper NH7O and Barry Short G3YEU).
14. A new on line help has been created.
15. The download of the program has been moved to a new server located at
The main web page of the MMANA-GAL remains MMHAMSOFT.
16. The pop-up advertisement on exit has been removed.

MMANA-GAL v. dated January 28, 2007

1. - The bug with view of the currents on VHF/UHF is fixed.

MMANA-GAL v. dated January 20, 2007

1. - Included is a possibility of user's interruption of extensively prolonged processes of calculation, draw plots or optimisation.
2. - Improved is a behaviour in critical situations such as emergency close down, memory shortage or external interruption which can occur during calculations. From now on in any (OK, almost any) trouble an unsaved file is not lost but can be found as called, temp.maa, instead.
3. - An image of circle in the "Direction diagram" clause can be corrected by applying of an engine called by a right mouse click at the "V+H" mark.
4. - There have been added Spanish (by Dimitri Aguero, F4DYT) and Dutch (by Frans Peeters, ON4AZD) user languages.
5. - Some structural and logic amendments (including MININEC) have been made in order to make the program work even more stable.
6. - In the ch. "View", option "Turn around a selected wire", the said wire is not placed into the screen's center regardless its original location. In other words, the picture is automatically centered at the selected wire and turns around its center.
7. - An image scale along with a focusing point are now remembered. From now on if you moved or expanded a picture to a certain part of a wire of an antenna, after you close and then open the window again you get the picture at the stage you have left it on, and can continue editing it from this stage.
8. - The list of standard "Z" is completed with two convenient figures being 28 and 112 Ohm reflecting a concordance into 50 Ohm of one or two paralleled 75 Ohm cables, respectively.
9. - Some detected minor bugs are fixed.


1. - The program's code has been optimized for more stable work.
2. - A user's identification is added. From now on upon a new file creation or an existing one's modification the name and call-sign of the user who made the modification are added to the comments.
3. - In the "Wire scale" window added is a possibility to range taper wires, as well as the antenna location above the ground. It allows to move complicated multi-element antennas to a different frequency without a loss of their parameters.
4. - The Windows XP-style has been added.
5. - The association of the list of heights' call up has been corrected. The beginning of the list is now automatically set to the height closest to the inserted one.
6. - The bug with 3-D plot in free space and a few minor bugs are fixed.


1. - Fixed minors bugs.
2. - 3D-window is corrected for video cards with slow rate.
3. - In 3D-window displayed full FF in the free space, including the bottom part.
4. - Full indication of vertical shade on the 3D FF


1. - A few minor corrections.


1. - Changed link Help menu to new MMHAMSOFT Website -(
2. - A few minor corrections.

Build 1.0 MMANA-GAL

1. - The name of the program has been changed to MMANA-GAL (GAL is an united abbreviation of names of DL1PBD and DL2KQ). The change reflects substantial structure changes of the program. Besides regular improvements, the changes have created a possibility of further substantial improvements of capabilities and services of the program.
2. - The MININEC3 code has been improved and the data structure has been changed as well. The calculation speed, as well as an accuracy of calculations in on-the-edge cases have been improved.
3. - The MININEC3 code has been added with a user error auto correction for a case when a segment's length has been put in as less than two wire's radiuses.
4. - There has been included an automatic correction of description of wires to fix an eventual respective error in calculations of antennas touching the ground.
5. - There has been added a module of an automatic analysis and correction of user errors occurred in an antenna description. Respective error messages come up in a window of current calculations in the "Calculations" clause.
6.- There have been added German (by Alex Schewelew, DL1PBD), Japanese (by Nobuyuki Oba, JA7UDE), Spanish (by Valentin Alonso Gracia, EA4GG & Dimitri Aguero, F4DYT), Serbian (by Slobodan Ilic' YU1GV), and Czech (by Martin Kratoska, OK1RR) user languages.
7. - User's antenna material set up has been added. In order to do so, one has to choose the material first from "User pipe" or "User wire", and then, by left double mouse click on one of the signs ("User pipe" or "User wire") to call up the material set up window and to input the resistivity and permeability of the desired material.
8.- A wire can be removed by using the PC keyboard "Del" button while in the "Wire Edit" window.
9.- For user's convenience a schematic sketch of an antenna has been added to the 3D diagram. All set ups are done through a pull-down menu called up by a right mouse click in the 3D window.
10. - Automatic save of results of optimisation scan has been added, it can be found in the text file called, scan.txt, located in the program's directory.
11.- There were corrected a bug with a rotation direction in the 3D diagram, along with some other minor insignificant bugs.

Build version 2.03 MMANA.

1. - General:
- The MMANA project has been optimized under Builder Ñ++ ver 4.0/6.0 what will allow to easily compile MMANA for contemporary and new operation systems.
- The MININEC-3 code has been optimized, a substantial part of global variables has been removed and long functions have been split into shorter ones. At critical points some quickly executed functions were implemented. It allowed to speed up calculations by approx. 25%.
- The program became a multilingual one (a language can be chosen in the Service menu). There are free languages provided for the program by default: English, Russian ((by DL1PBD&DL2KQ)) and Bulgarian (by Stilyan Stankov LZ3BY), but any user can easily write a similar file in his own language by a simple editing of the English one. It means, MMANA will be able to communicate with a user in ANY language, actually in the language of his operation system, and that users will be able to write language files themselves. Besides, a user is now able to edit the program's signs and messages in his own language, i.e. to adjust the wording style or to replace eventual typing errors with his own errors according to taste...
- Pop-up notes are added in several places. If some buttons' functions are unclear, just try to point out at the button. Now there is more chance that a pop-up note will sow up.
- There are some slight interface changes at several windows.

2. - The "Geometry" clause:
- by default a new wire has Seg = -1.
- an S-parameters' bug is fixed.

3. - The "View" clause:
- a picture can be turned in both horizontal and vertical planes by moving a cursor while the left mouse button kept pressed
- a picture can be moved linearly (up and down, as well as left and right) by moving a cursor while both the Shift (or Ctrl) keyboard buttons and the left mouse button kept pressed
- a semi-transparent window of a description of a marked wire.
- added a possibility to save a picture of the antenna and currents in a *.jpg file.
- implemented is a regime of double-bold wires (suitable for creation of black-and-white pictures).
- the scale range in the View clause has been improved. From now on, regardless the antenna's size (is it 1 mm or 1 km) by default it will be shown matching the screen size, though there will be still a possibility to change the scale both ways.

4. - The "Calculate" clause:
- in the "Ground setup" window the radius of extra wire radials is set up in millimetres.
- calculations of "underground" antennas is now forbidden, i.e. there is implemented a correction of eventual errors which have placed an antenna or its parts below the ground level.

5. - The "Far Fields" clause.
- a representation (by a left mouse click) of a vector headed to a direction of a mouse cursor showing an information about a current amplification, as well as a difference between a maximal amplification and the current one. The move of the vector upon the Direction Diagram is effected my move of the cursor while the left mouse button kept pressed. Attention! It does not work in the "V+H" regime, as well as after optimisation (i.e. after the optimization another re-calculation is necessary). The vector switches off by a right mouse click.
- by default the "Total far fields" is displayed.
- a 3D direction diagram is implemented
(an advanced method of acceleration of calculations was used, therefore the speed of calculation and creation of directions' diagram is quite high).
- a picture can be turned by a mouse move similar to the "View" clause.
- the 3D-plot setup is started by a right mouse click.
- Color set in 3D window is started by a double left mouse click).
- Color Set turns off by a double left mouse click.
- a direction diagram for a fixed angle can be emphasized by selection a respective No. in the low right check-box.

6. - The "Plot" window.
- the window size is enlarged.
- the Plot setup (including Number of additional dots) is written into the mmana.ini file. It means, all plot setups remain at a new start up of the program.

General menu.

7. - A new "Tools" topic is added where is a possibility to call in some user-defined programs (i.e. NEC_for_MMANA, GAL-AntView, etc), as well as a start-up of a user's program running the current *.maa file. Added is a menu to edit an access to connected user's programs. Accordingly you now can change user's programs, or to remove or to change a path to such a program from within the application.

8. - In the "Service" added are:
- a possibility to toggle Toolbar - Tab position set up (at the top or at bottom).
9. - In the "File" clause added is a possibility to create (Create list F/R/jX (*nwl)) files to be processed in the GAL-EL program (a program for calculations of feeding and matching networks, including multiband ones. LINK. Not free. So far it only has a Russian interface, an English version soon to be released).

10. - In the general setup added is a possibility of an automatic detection of a particular computer's RAM size along with an automatic set up of a maximal quantity of segments according to the RAM size.

11. - Attention! A compatibility with the old files' formats *.mab and *.mao is not maintained anymore. If you have old *.mao or *.mab files, open them with a previous version of the program MMANA and then save them as *.maa.

12. - Approx. 400 new *.maa files sorted into thematic directories are added to the antennas' library. In fact, the library is a good antennae reference book.