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MMTTY Revision History

JE3HHT Makoto Mori © 2000-2010

[V1.00    2000-06-30]
- Released the initial version.

[V1.01    2000-07-01]
- Added the control of the buffer size for the sound card.
- Revised manual.

[V1.02    2000-07-01]
- Got the input window size stored into the INI file.
- Added a logging function

[V1.03    2000-07-04]
- Corrected the bug of the Water Fall, which would not be displayed in a certain 256-color video adapter.

[V1.04    2000-07-05]
- Added pre-filters.
- Added the display of filtering shapes.
- Revised minor points and added some functions.

[V1.05    2000-07-06]
- Placed the control box for the LPF in the main menu window.
- Got the colors of the water fall, receive window, and transmit window be user customizable.

[V1.06    2000-07-07]
- Corrected the bug with respect to the search function of log files.

[V1.07    2000-07-07]
- Supported FSK transmission (thanks to JA7DHJ).

[V1.08    2000-07-08]
- Corrected minor bugs.

[V1.09    2000-07-08]
- Added an LMS filter in front of the demodulator.

[V1.10    2000-07-08]
- Corrected the bug of the order of FSK transmission bits (thanks to JA7DHJ).

[V1.11    2000-07-10]
- Added COM5-COM8 as a PTT control port.
- Added %g and %f to the macro and predefined messages.
- Added an export function for the QSO log.

[V1.12    2000-07-10]
- Added an import function for the QSO log from a text file.
- Corrected the receive/transmit switching bug in the FSK mode (thanks to JA1FQI).

[V1.13    2000-07-11]
- Added character wait and diddle wait (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Added the receiver window clear button (thanks to JA3LGD).

[V1.14    2000-07-11]
- Improved the LMS function.

[V1.15    2000-07-11]
- Corrected the bug induced in Version 1.14.  MMTTY could not be started.

[V1.16    2000-07-12]
- Added short-cut keys to the Macro buttons (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Modified the timing for automatic TX to RX switching.

[V1.17    2000-07-12]
- Added import/export function for LOG200 data file.
- Added an XY scope (thanks fot JA1IQV).

[V1.18    2000-07-12]
- Changed the default of the frequency discriminator from FIR to IIR.

[V1.19    2000-07-12]
- Got the mark frequency displayed horizontally in the XY scope (thanks to JA1IQV).

[V1.20    2000-07-13]
- Improved the XY scope display.
- Added a limiter amplifier in the demodulator (thanks to 7L1CUH and JA1IQV).
- Removed an AGC from the demodulator.

[V1.21    2000-07-15]
- Added the sound recorder/player (thanks to 7L1CUH).

[V1.22  2000-07-15]
- Added the display of the frequency characteristics of the IIR resonator.
- Added the size options for the XY scope.
- Added the Inv output of the LMS.
- Improved the sound recorder/player function.

[V1.23  2000-07-16]
- Routed the output of the sound player to the sound card.
- Added the PLL demodulator.
- Added the menu for the player position.

[V1.24  2000-07-18]
- Changed the slider for character wait and diddle wait to an A-type volume.
- Added a play button to the oscilloscope.
- Uploaded the specifications of signal processing used in MMTTY (digital.txt).
- Revised minor items.

[V1.25  2000-07-19]
- Removed the output to DTR (it does not function).
- Added a data converter for Turbo Hamlog.
- Made short-cut keys customizable.

[V1.26  2000-07-20]
- Improved the logging facility.
- Corrected the bug, which did not record precedent and succeeding spaces in macro (thanks to 7L1CUH).
- Added the priority controller for sound processing (thanks to JH1SWD).

[V1.27  2000-07-21]
Changed the priority default from Critical to Highest (thanks to JH1SWD).
Corrected minor bugs.

[V1.28  2000-07-21]
- Revised the Turbo Hamlog MMTTY converter, which did not copy T (thanks to JH1SWD).

[V1.29  2000-07-22]
- Added a retry operation in opening a sound card (thanks to JA6VAG).
- Revised minor points.

[V1.30  2000-07-23]
- Change the default setting of RX-stop bit from 1.42 to 1.
- Corrected a bug in Turbo Hamlog to MMTTY converter (thanks to JH1SWD).
- Added an On/Off switch for the control panel display.
- Added control panel size options.

[V1.31  2000-07-23]
- Improved the conversion operation of log files (thanks to JH1SWD).

[V1.32  2000-07-23]
- Revised asking messages (thanks to JH1SWD).
- Added a program menu (thanks to JH1SWD and JA1IQV).

[V1.33  2000-07-23]
- Added a current directory for executing another program.
- Improved the squelch.

[V1.34  2000-07-26]
- Added an English mode (thanks to HL1AQ).
- Added the local echo option for a low-speed CPU.
- Added an option with which the macro text is transmitted through the input window.

[V1.35  2000-07-26]
- Corrected the bug that causes an error for the very first log data.

[V1.36  2000-07-27]
- Improved minor points.

[V1.37  2000-07-28]
- Added the UTC display in the log.
- Added an automatic language selection.

[V1.38  2000-07-28]
- Added an option which reverses the XY scope rotation (thanks to JA9AVA).
- Improved the squelch.
- Added the wait diddle out option.

[V1.39  2000-07-30]
- Removed Limit button.
- Added Net button.
- Change the default value of the DX button to 100.
- Added a contest mode for recording MyRST with a mouse.
- Added LARGE in the control panel size.

[V1.40  2000-07-30]
- Got the squelch level displayed even when the squelch is turned off.
- Added the HAM mode for AFC shift algorithm.
- Corrected the NET button function.
- Added short-cut keys for editing macro buttons (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Added %s to macro.

[V1.41  2000-08-01]
- Added the IIR LPF.
- Added the frequency shape display for integrators.
- Revised minor points.

[V1.42  2000-08-02]
- Added an option for the XY scope quality.
- Reduced the effect of phase distortion caused by the limiter in the XY scope.

[V1.43  2000-08-02]
- Added the over sampling selection for the limiter.

[V1.44  2000-08-04]
- Added the adjustment function of the sound card clock (thanks to JA1WSK).

[V1.45  2000-08-04]
- Got the JJY tick sound usable for adjusting the sound card clock.

[V1.46  2000-08-05]
- Added the option with which the FSK can send data in pace with UART.
- Revised minor points.

[V1.47  2000-08-06]
- Improved the timing of TX/RX switching when Diddle is on.

[V1.48  2000-08-06]
- Added Wait Timer for Diddle (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Added the force out option for LTR/FIG codes (thanks to JA1IQV).

[V1.49  2000-08-07]
Addes ^ to predefine messages (thanks to JA1IQV).
Revised minor points.

[V1.50  2000-08-08]
- Improved the asking message speed in a slow PC.

[V1.51  2000-08-08]
- Improved the response in a Pentium 75-MHz PC.
- Removed several switches that are no longer used.
- Released more CPU power when suspended.
- Added the description how to speed up the operation even in a slow PC.

[V1.52  2000-08-10]
- Added the function with which the shift width can be changed by key (thanks to JA3KWZ).
- Added an FSK algorithm to the AFC (thanks to JA3KWZ).
- Added ~, [, and ] to macro.
- Stopped transmitting diddle 0.25 seconds after the switch to TX.
- Revised minor bugs.

[V1.53    2000-8-12]
- Added shift width options, 220Hz/240Hz, to the AFC.
- Added the gain control for FFT.
- Revised minor points.

- Added a short-cut key "Ctrl+BS," which erases a not-transmitted line (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Added # to the macro (thanks to JH8WIG).
- Added %E to the macro (thanks to JA1IQV).
- Added an instant conversion function to the keyword reference (thanks to JG1GGU).

- Changed the diddle default from NONE to LTR (thanks to K6STI).
- Added an option, which disables REV at transmitting (thanks to W6/G0AZT).
- Increased the number of drop list of the predefined message (thanks to JE4CIL).

- Corrected the Dsub pin assignment in the MMTTY.TXT (thanks to MMTTY group).
- Changed the lower limit of the mark frequency to 300 Hz (thanks to MMTTY group).
- Added a short-cut to clear the receiving window (thanks to MMTTY group).
- Added ESC to the short-cut keys (thanks to MMTTY group).

- Added an export function to ADIF (thanks to JA5HRE and MMTTY group).
- Added the UTC option to the time stamp (thanks to MMTTY group).
- Corrected a bug in the UTC display in the QSO data (thanks to MMTTY group).
- Removed 599 button; instead added a band box.

[V1.57  2000-08-24]
- Changed the call search to be invoked immediately by clicking a call sign (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added an option for WORD OUT.
- Added a running mode and an S&P mode for contests (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added Setup Help and HTML Help menus (thanks to MMTTY group)

[V1.58 2000-09-07]
- Added a pointer to English Windows Help in the Help menu (thanks to KX2A)
- Added %D and %T to macro (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Boosted the speed of macro keywords "~" and "_" (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Deleted the DX button; added ATC instead
- Added # to predefine messages (thanks to MMTTY group)

[V1.59 2000-10-15]
- %f and %L macros are converted during TX even in the immediate conversion mode (thanks to JA1IQV)
- Added a help pointer to W7TI's RTTY BASIC in the Japanese mode (thanks to W7TI and JA7UDE)
- Added the CQ/RJ mode for mouse capturing (thanks to JA1IQV and K5YG)
- Added the mode definition option in Hamlog translation (thanks to JE4CIL and 7L1CUH)
- Changed the default RST format of the ADIF export (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added the TNC emulation mode
- Removed the maximum limit of long text file transmission (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added the remote mode (thanks to K4CY)
- Added the time offset option for logging (thanks to JR3KFX)
- Added the option that makes MMTTY record window size and location (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Made the color of each macro button customizable (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added the option that automatically generates CR when TX button is pushed (thanks to JH1BIH)
- Added the option that hides/unhides the macro buttons
- Added Baud rate control button in the main window - push 'BW' (thanks to MMTTY group)
- Added the option that the user can select an ID number for the sound card in the setup MMTTY window.
 (Tnx to MMTTY-Group)
- Added the option that the user can select a date format in the setup Logging window.
 (Tnx to MMTTY-Group)
- Added the Radio Command to the PTT control.  (Tnx to KB2EOQ, JA1WSK and MMTTY-Group)
- Added repeat function to macro commands
- Improved output timing of FSK As for older version, there was a bug, and the FSK signal output by Txd was 1 stop bit. Revised to 1.5 stop bits. In the Sound+Txd option, new method to take the same period of both.

- Added 2nd notch frequency.  Two notch filters when you check  "Two notches" into ON with a part setting Notch of the setup window. In this case of course CPU load becomes heavy.

- Added one line of macro buttons.  ON/OFF of the macro buttons of an indication menu, you could turn macro button indication of OFF in the older version, but I added the feature to display the macro buttons under the Control Panel.  It may be easier to use the large spectrum and Waterfall.

- Revised a bug with import text file. 
- Revised a bug with YYYY format.  Conversion of a date with QSO window did not work properly. Revised one point when you selected the YYYY format.  In addition, it can change the output of the date by "%D" macro with the date format.

[V1.6 2000-12-18]
- Added the keyboard word-wrap function (thanks to JH1BIH). In the TX window, it reserves the right margin using a space key.  It can be turned ON/OFF in the option menu.  The default is ON.

- Added two options in the remote mode (thanks to K4CY and MMTTY group)
  -h option allows the user to specify the Windows handle at the startup.
  -n option makes the MMTTY sends the received characters without converting into Baudot
 (raw character mode).
- Added %M and %t keywords to the Macro (thanks to MMTTY group)
- %M - the contest number portion in MyRST
- %t - UTC time in 1234 format

- Added "Commands" button to the Macro definition window (thanks to MMTTY group).  When "Commands" button in the Macro definition window is pushed, all the available keywords are listed and are ready for selection.  Some keywords have different meanings in Macro groups 1 and 2.  Since the Command button displays different keywords according to the situations, I hope it alleviates the confusion.

- Made the color of the transmitted characters customizable (thanks to MMTTY group). 
The user can define the color of the transmitted characters that are echoed in the TX window.
- Added the import filter for ADIF.  The log data in the ADIF format can be imported to the MMTTY logging facility.  Added the option for FSK-TXD to accommodate USB-COM port (thanks to MMTTY group).  Some USB-COM adapters did not work in the FSK mode. To solve the problem, four options have been added to the FSK-TXD mode.  Go along with [Option], [Setup MMTTY], [Misc], select "Sound+TXD" or "TxD," and push the USB port button to select one of the following options.
A) Normal
B) Polling - Transmit characters without using Windows transmission events.
C) Limiting speed - Set limit to the transmission speed in order to prevent the buffer from being filled with DIDDLE.
D) Polling and limiting speed - Transmit characters without using Windows transmission events.  Set limit to the transmission speed in order to prevent the buffer from being filled with DIDDLE. Use Normal for the legacy COM port.  If you have a trouble in the USB-COM adapter, try the other three options.  If you see an error message "Cannot open COMx," you would not be able to use the COM port for FSK.  The COM port probably does not support the 5-bit 45-bps mode.
- Added shortcut definitions, OnQSO, OffQSO, and Capture (thanks to JA1WSK and MMTTY group).  The user had to use the mouse to capture the call sign and start/end a QSO. The user can do these operations using short-cut keys.  To activate this function, the user must assign the short-cut keys to OnQSO, OffQSO, and Capture by using [Assign ShortCut Keys] in the Edit option. Capture automatically captures the call sign, which MMTTY guesses it is, in the received text. OnQSO gets MMTTY in the starting QSO state.  If the call sign has not been captured, it executes Capture at the same time. Even if the QSO has started, the automatic Macro sends the sentence for starting QSO. OffQSO gets MMTTY in the ending QSO state. Even if the QSO has already ended, the automatic Macro again sends the sentence that was sent at the previous QSO.

- Added the style option to the font.  Bold and Italic can be applied to the font.
- Changed the JCC/JCG text from Japanese to English in the English mode (thanks to MMTTY group). 
- In the English mode, the JCC/JCG are displayed not in Japanese but in the English alphabet.

- Added notch filter marker in the FFT window (thanks to MMTTY group)In the FFT window, markers are displayed at the center frequency of the notch filters.

- Added VFO polling function to the Radio Command (thanks to JA1WSK and MMTTY group).  MMTTY logging facility can retrieve the VFO frequency through the Radio Command.  When "VFO polling" is selected in the Radio Command pane, MMTTY reads the frequency of the radio and automatically updates the band information of the logging.  Currently, MMTTY supports only several transceivers that have the Radio Command, but will support others as their command is revealed.  The frequency is logged as follows: Added option to select mono, left, right sound card channel on receive
  NONE freq = VFO
  LSB freq = VFO - MarkFreq
  USB freq = VFO + MarkFreq

[Version 1.61 2001-2-9]
- Added minutes settings to the time-offset. (Tnx MMTTY-Group)
- Improved remote mode (Tnx K4CY, Zakanaka-Group)
- Improved processing speed of DSP.
- Revised lock-up problem on WindowsNT/2000. (Tnx MMTTY-Group)
- Added 'Always fix shift' option in the TX settings. (Tnx K4CY)
- Added Kenwood for the VFO-polling function (Tnx MMTTY-Group)
- Added Profiles menu
- Improved the clock adjustment operation with a time standard radio wave.
- Added 'Baudot modem' in the TNC emulation. (Tnx MMTTY-Group)
- Added 'Ignore daylight saving' in the time offset option.(Tnx K4CY)
- Added 'Cabrillo file' in the export log files. (Tnx W6/G0AZT, MMTTY-Group)
- Added UserPara.ini file for user-specified parameters

[Version 1.61a 2001-3-23]
- Improved remote mode.(Tnx to K4CY, JK1IQK and MMTTY group) 
- Added FT1000D selection in VFO polling.(Tnx to MMTTY group) 
- Fixed some bugs and applied some improvements

[Version 1.61B  2001-3-31]
- Added AGC option in the Limiter of the Demodulator

[Version 162 2001-9-25]

- Improved remote mode.  (Tnx to K4CY, JK1IQK, and MMTTY group)
- Added FT1000D selection to VFO polling.  (Tnx to MMTTY group)
- Added FT920 selection to VFO polling.  (Tnx to MMTTY group)
- Fixed some bugs and applied some improvements.
- New updated Help included

[Version 163]

- Improved the low-level sound buffer processing
- Added the full-duplex mode
- Added TX offset for the soundcard
- Supported BARTG contest (serial number + UTC)
- Moved the RX log settings from the setup menu to the File menu
- Added JST245 support in frequency polling
- Added a menu for the version up information
- Added EXTFSK port (EXTFSK.DLL required)
- Added an option to accommodate J-BELL and S-BELL code sets
- Improved the program termination speed
- Supported WM_MOUSEWHEEL message
- Fixed some minor bugs

[Version 164]

- Improved the TX/RX switching speed in FSK
- Added custom log link
- Added custom RadioCommand
- Added custom sound
- Added custom TNC emulation
- Fixed minor bugs

[Version 165]

- Fixed a bug that caused the uncertain transmission in the remote mode.
- Fixed minor bugs

[Version 165B]

- Added support for new help format
- Fixed minor bugs

[Version 165D]

- Added a gateway to Turbo Hamlog/Win version 5 (Tnx to JG1MOU)
- Fixed minor bugs
- Fixed problem in setting path to MMTTY in program shortcuts.

[Version 166F - (AA6YQ)]

Dave, AA6YQ begins updating MMTTY

1. Changes to the "MMTTY Setup" window

A. "TX" tab
- renamed the "PTT" panel to "PTT & FSK" (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- added com8 through com16 to the "PTT & FSK" panel's "Port" selector
- clicking a button in the "Input Button" panel from a non-Japanese locale displays a window entitled "Edit Button" (tnx to Joe W

B. "Misc" tab
- the new "Device Identifiers" panel enables independent selection of soundcard devices for reception ("RX") and transmission

("TX"); any of 16 input and output soundcard devices can be selected (tnx to Gil W0MN and Joe W4TV)
- selecting an "RX" or "TX" device identifier in the "Device Identifiers" panel updates the respective "Reception" or "Transmission" panels shown on the new "Soundcard" tab

C. "Soundcard" tab (new)
- the "Reception" panel shows all installed soundcard input devices; selecting an input device updates the "RX" selector in the "Misc" tab's "Device Identifiers" panel
- the "Transmission" panel shows all installed soundcard output devices; selecting an output device updates the "TX" selector in the "Misc" tab's "Device Identifiers" panel

2. Changes to the "Radio Command" window
- added com8 through com16 to the "Port" selector
- added 38400 and 57600 to the "Baud" selector (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- named the selector in the lower-left corner "Group"
- modified the contents of the "Group" selector:

*** renamed the previous "Yaesu HF? (FT-1000MP,...)" entry to "Yaesu FT 1000D, 1000MP, 920"
*** renamed the previous "Yaesu VU? (FT-736,FT-847)" entry to "Yaesu FT 736, 817, 847, 857, 897"
*** added a "Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, 450" entry (tnx to Joe W4TV and Art W2NRA)
*** renamed the previous "Kenwood" entry to "Kenwood, Elecraft" (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- renamed the "Commands" panel's "VFO Polling" selector to "Model", and added entries for the Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, and 450

(tnx to Joe W4TV)

[Version 166G 09-18-2009 - (AA6YQ)]

Changes to the Main window's Options menu
- Soundcard Output Level works on Vista (tnx to Ken VE5KC)
- Soundcard Input Level works on Vista (tnx to Ken VE5KC)


Help File Revisions

[Version 2.2 2000-09-26]

- Added Pictorial Overview topic (links not complete)

[Version 2.3 2000-09-28]

- Added topic "Using MMTTY As a Modem"
- Updated "System Requirements"
- Links added to "Pictorial Overview"

[Version 2.3.1 2000-09-29]

- Cleaned up Revision History
- Cleaned up Table of Contents
- Changes and additions to Pictorial Overview (new main screen picture)
- Partial update of Use MMTTY as a Modem

[Version 2.3.2 2000-10-06]

- Changes to Contest Operation
- Receive Signal Strength added to Sound Card Hookup
- Added a section on CPU Load and the LOST indication in the Spectrum Display to Computer Tune-up
- Changes to MMTTY Log Import function
- Additions to Use MMTTY As A Modem (single computer operation)

[Version 2.4.1 2000-10-15]

- Added a link to DSP internet sites in Advanced Receiving
- Added information about how to use radio control commands via a COM port to control Tx/Rx
- Added help for the repeat macro function
- [Version 2.4.2 2000-10-16]
- Corrected date on About MMTTY page
- Added link to Baud Rate from Pictorial Overview
- Added information on multiple sound cards to the Sound Card topic

[Version 2.4.3 2000-11-2]

- dded specific information on WF1B setup to use MMTTY as a modem
- Added note to Adjusting the Display about saving window size/location
- Added information about how to vary IIR bandwidth to the IIR section of Advanced Receiving
-Added information about how to vary FIR taps to the FIR section of Advanced Receiving
- Added information about the meaning of VCO to the PLL section of Advanced Receiving
- Replaced explanation of LMS with information on Not. in Pictorial overview
- Added explanation of Digital Output and Char. Wait controls in Transmitting
- Added information on how to use Notch to LMS section of Advanced Receiving
- Added information on changing the sampling frequency of the sound card to Computer Tune-up

[Version 2.4.4 2000-11]

- dded mention of Stay on Top to Adjusting the Display
- Added section on USB port for Transmit/Receive control
- Directed software authors to the Programmer's Page at the English web site in About MMTTY
- Updated the list of features in About MMTTY
- Added memory requirements to System Requirements
- Added volume controls to Sound Card Hookup
- Added information on using Logger to operate transmit/receive via radio command
- Added information to Using MMTTY as a Modem, AFSK/FSK, and transmit/receive on the Xircom USB port converter
- Clarified the operation of the QSO button in S&P contest operation
- Added description of squelch operation to Pictorial Overview and Advanced Receiving
- Added description of notch operation to Pictorial Overview.

[Version 2.5 2000-12-13]

- dded macros and reordered macro table
- Added import information to MMTTY Log
- Added new topic, Radio Control
- Added information to Notch Filter, in Advanced Receiving
- Added list of short-cut key definitions to Macro topic

[Version 2.5.1 2000-12-14]

- orrected and expanded Notch Filter, in Advanced Receiving
- Extended thanks to more friends who helped improve MMTTY in About MMTTY
- Added remote mode to MMTTY features in About MMTTY

[Version 2.5.2 2000-12-14]

- Corrected and expanded short-cut definitions and directions, in Macros
- Made a recommendation about Tap value in LMS/Notch

[Version 2.5.3 2000-12-18]

- orrected current version number of MMTTY
- Added information on sound card stereo mode to Sound Card Hookup

[Version 2.5.4 2000-12-19]

- Added information on UOS in Transmitting and in Receiving (Case section) topics, both choices are explained
- Small corrections from JA7UDE

[Version 2.5.5 2000-12-20]

- Basic Transmitting changed to Transmitting
- Small change to Test function write-up in Transmitting

[Version 2.5.6 2000-12-22]

- Correction to Fixed AFC in Advanced Receiving
- Addition to Transmitting to describe the transmit frequency
- Added two sections to Computer Tuneup to describe two methods of sound card calibration
- Revision of Macro topic to use tables
- Addition of Profiles topic
- Revision of Computer Tuneup to reflect new two-click approach and time-standard frequencies

[Version 2.5.7 2001-2-1]

- Language corrections to many topics
- Some photos updated
- Calibration removed from Computer Tuneup topic and put in its own topic

[Version 2.5.8 2001-2-6]

- Added information on PTT watchdog timer to Transmit/Receive Control
- Added Cabrillo format information to Contest and to Log
- Reformatted Revision History with bullets

[Version 2.5.9 2001-4-12]

- Callsign warning in Contest Operation topic
- Corrected the definition for the HAM AFC setting in Pictorial Overview
- Added mention of the AGC option in Limiter section of Advanced Receiving topic
- Added mention of shift frequency toggle on main screen to Pictorial Overview topic

[Version 2.6 2001-10-8]

- Added further information to the AFSK/FSK topic discussing relative advantages of each method.
- Edited all language for increased simplicity and clarity.

 [Version 3.0 2003-11-1]

This is a work in progress