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MMTTY Version 1.68A Information

JE3HHT Makoto Mori © 2000-2011
MMTTY version update information
(Translated into English by JA7UDE Oba)
Revision history Ver1.68 -> Ver1.68A (JE3HHT)
- Fixed RX level inconsistency
- Fixed context-sensitive help problem

Revision history Ver1.66G -> Ver1.68 (JE3HHT)
- Added an FFT-based demodulator
- Updated the MMTTY web URL
- Added RXM_PTTFSK to the remote mode (Tnx to K4CY)
- Deleted Cabrillo export function
- Added Dual Peak Filter (Tnx to AA6YQ)

Revision history Ver1.66F -> Ver1.66G (AA6YQ)

1. Changes to the Main window's Options menu
- Soundcard Output Level works on Vista (tnx to Ken VE5KC)
- Soundcard Input Level works on Vista (tnx to Ken VE5KC)

Revision history Ver1.65D -> Ver1.66F (AA6YQ)

Dave, AA6YQ updates MMTTY

1. Changes to the "MMTTY Setup" window

A. "TX" tab
- renamed the "PTT" panel to "PTT & FSK" (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- added com8 through com16 to the "PTT & FSK" panel's "Port" selector
- clicking a button in the "Input Button" panel from a non-Japanese locale displays a window entitled "Edit Button" (tnx to Joe W

B. "Misc" tab
- the new "Device Identifiers" panel enables independent selection of soundcard devices for reception ("RX") and transmission ("TX"); any of 16 input and output soundcard devices can be selected (tnx to Gil W0MN and Joe W4TV)
- selecting an "RX" or "TX" device identifier in the "Device Identifiers" panel updates the respective "Reception" or "Transmission" panels shown on the new "Soundcard" tab

C. "Soundcard" tab (new)
- the "Reception" panel shows all installed soundcard input devices; selecting an input device updates the "RX" selector in the "Misc" tab's "Device Identifiers" panel
- the "Transmission" panel shows all installed soundcard output devices; selecting an output device updates the "TX" selector in the "Misc" tab's "Device Identifiers" panel

2. Changes to the "Radio Command" window
- added com8 through com16 to the "Port" selector
- added 38400 and 57600 to the "Baud" selector (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- named the selector in the lower-left corner "Group"
- modified the contents of the "Group" selector:

*** renamed the previous "Yaesu HF? (FT-1000MP,...)" entry to "Yaesu FT 1000D, 1000MP, 920"
*** renamed the previous "Yaesu VU? (FT-736,FT-847)" entry to "Yaesu FT 736, 817, 847, 857, 897"
*** added a "Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, 450" entry (tnx to Joe W4TV and Art W2NRA)
*** renamed the previous "Kenwood" entry to "Kenwood, Elecraft" (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- renamed the "Commands" panel's "VFO Polling" selector to "Model", and added entries for the Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, and 450 (tnx to Joe W4TV)

Revision history Ver1.65 -> Ver1.65D
- Added a gateway to Turbo Hamlog/Win version 5 (Tnx to JG1MOU)
- Fixed minor bugs
- Fixed problem in setting path to MMTTY in program shortcuts.

Revision history Ver1.65 -> Ver1.65B
- Added support for new help format
- Fixed minor bugs

Revision history Ver1.64 -> Ver1.65
- Fixed a bug that caused the uncertain transmission in the remote mode.
- Fixed minor bugs

Revision history Ver1.63 -> Ver1.64
- Improved the TX/RX switching speed in FSK
- Added custom log link
- Added custom RadioCommand
- Added custom sound
- Added custom TNC emulation
- Fixed minor bugs

Revision history Ver1.62 -> Ver1.63
- Improved the low-level sound buffer processing
- Added the full-duplex mode
- Added TX offset for the soundcard
- Supported BARTG contest (serial number + UTC)
- Moved the RX log settings from the setup menu to the File menu
- Added JST245 support in frequency polling
- Added a menu for the version up information
- Added EXTFSK port (EXTFSK.DLL required)
- Added an option to accommodate J-BELL and S-BELL code sets
- Improved the program termination speed
- Supported WM_MOUSEWHEEL message
- Fixed some minor bugs

Improvement on the low-level sound processing
The low-level sound processing has been improved. The user can preset the sizes of TX and RX FIFO buffers even independently. If you frequently see "Sound lost" in the spectrum scope window, try increasing the sizes of the FIFO buffers.

Click on Option, Setup MMTTY, and Misc tab. You will find the drop down list for presetting the sizes at the top left corner of the window.

* MMTTY now automatically adjusts the buffer size, which was defined in the Setup menu in the previous MMTTY versions.