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JE3HHT - Makoto Mori

Slow Scan TV with Windows and Soundcard
WinXP - Vista - Win7

"MMSSTV is free for Amateur Radio Use"

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MMSSTV Ver 1.13A
September 29, 2010

(Full Version - 2.5 mb)

What's New in Ver. 1.13A

Inno Installer Info


Updated ARRL.DX file -

Unzip ARRL.DX.ZIP and copy ARRL.DX into the program folder.


Audio Test File


Test Patterns and Color Bars

Indian Head
Test Pattern
Color Bars
Test Card

Click on image for larger view.

Download Test Images >

Installing MMSSTV

A fair amount of testing is done before a new release made available on the website. In my tests, I always installed over the older versions To date I have never had any problems. That being said, one never knows for sure how an install will go on every computer.. All I can say is installing over the older version should work.. It might be a good idea to make a back up copy of MMSSTV.ini and (urcall).mdt, just in case something goes wrong.

Problems Selecting the right Soundcard?

Try Sound Soundcard Select

Available on the Extras & Add On Page

Attention Programmers

You can use the MMSSTV Engine to give your programs Slow Scan TV functions.
Please read the terms of use carefully!

MMSSTV Engine 1.06

Please see Programmers Page



(Ver. 1.05 by Andrew - VE8AE)

(Ver. 1.05 by Andrew - VE8AE)


Running MMSSTV as a Repeater

Quick Start for MMSSTV Graphics
(by Joe WJ5HM)

MM-SSTV Slant Adjust
(by Rick WB0VZW)

Getting Started with SSTV
(QST - Sept.1997- PDF)

Speaker/Microphone Mute Circuit for MM-SSTV
(by Wayne W5FJS)

SSTV audio files I recorded for MMSSTV receive testing.
(In Wave format)


(Log and Summary Sheets generator for the JASTA SSTVcontest)

English September 10, 2002
(Log and Summary Sheets generator for the JASTA SSTV contest)


Please use the to request help!

See the Contact and Support page