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What's new in MMSSTV Version 1.13A

JE3HHT Makoto Mori © 2000-2011

What's new in MMSSTV Version 1.13A
September 20, 2010
JE3HHT Makoto Mori
Translated into English by JA7UDE Oba

Revision history Ver1.13 -> Ver1.13A
- Fixed the sound card selection problem
- Fixed minor glitches and improved several functions

Revision history Ver1.12 -> Ver1.13
- Fixed the custom sound, which was disabled in version 1.12
- Updated the URL of the English web site
- Updated the introduction for the JASTA contest
- Added COM8 to COM16 selections
- Added CW menu (right click on the CW button)
- Added radio command menu
- Added radio command for some Yaesu radios
- Added an option that lowers the tone frequency by 1000Hz (use -i option on start)

Revision history Ver1.11G -> Ver1.12
- Changed the sound card selection scheme
- Soundcard Output Level works on Vista and Windows 7.
- Soundcard Input Level works on Vista and Windows 7.
- Updated the duplication check routime of JASTA contest

Revision history Ver1.11 -> Ver1.11G
- Fixed typo in the English mode
- New English Help by Russ - WL7LP

Revision history Ver1.11 -> Ver1.11F
- Added a link to the English CHM help file
- Made the log file in the same folder where the EXE file resides
- Added the RX window clear button to the pop-up menu
- Added a gateway to Turbo Hamlog/Win version 5 (Tnx to JG1MOU)
- Added narrow band modes (MP-N, MC-N)
- Added FSKID.TXT in the package
- Improved AFC for narrow band modes

Revision history Ver1.10 -> Ver1.11
- Fixed a bug of the FSKID (Contest NR)

Revision history Ver1.09 -> Ver1.10

- Added links to the call for participations of NVCG and JASTA contests to the Help menu.

- Added the CW button to the TX window. Right click on the button to specify the text to send.

- Added the contest number option to the FSKID. Click on Setup logging option and Misc tab. Check Add contest NR to the FSKID box.

- Added the sound option to the template color bar.

- Added an option that allows the user to select right or left channel for the sound output. On the source pane of the Misc tab, selecting Right or Left enables the TxCH check box. If the TxCH is checked, MMSSTV outputs the TX sound only on the right or left channel selected.

- Added TxID button in the Log pane of the main window.

- Replaced the Clear button in the RX window with the Lock button. If LOCKed, MMSSTV will not stop the RX scan even in QRM or QSB.

- Added the log backup function. Select Setup logging and click on Misc tab. Check Make backup box to enable the function. MMSSTV automatically makes the log backup with the name of "xxxx_BAK.MDT".

- Improved the function and manipulation of image clipper. Pop-up menus are moved to Main menus. Added Make space button. Added Rotation buttons.

- Improved the text and color setup functions in the template window.
Added the increase and decrease font size buttons.
Added the bold and italic font buttons.
Added the user-customizable font buttons (F1-F4). Right click on them to register fonts.

- Improved the speed of character mapping in the template window.
Added the fast code option in the pop-up menu. Some PCs running in the 16-bit color mode does not work well with this code. In that case, unselect the fast code option.

- Revised the rule of NVCG contest (1.09F)

- Improved the precision of the TONE frequency (1.09F)

- Added the 48KHz sound clock option for the optical connection (S/PDIF) (may use more CPU power)

- Improved the DSP calculation speed (1.09F)

- Fixed some minor bugs and applied a few improvements.

Revision history Ver1.08 -> Ver1.09
- Improved the program termination speed
- Added an option that turns off the font smoothing.
- Added EXTPTT port function (EXTFSK.DLL required).
- Added custom log link
- Added custom RadioCommand
- Added custom sound
- Fixed minor bugs and improved several functions.

Font smoothing
When the Windows option "Smooth edges of screen fonts" is engaged, the background color of the template sometimes leaks at the edges of characters on the MMSSTV template window.

There are two ways to solve this problem.
1) Turn the Windows option off. To do so, you will find the option select at:
Windows XP: Control Panel, System, Advanced, Performance, Visual effects
Windows 2000: Control Panel, Screen, Effects
Windows 98: Control Panel, Screen, Effects
2) Change the MMSSTV template option. Right click on the template window, select Options, and check Disable font smoothing. When this option is selected, the font smoothing function of Windows is disabled only within the MMSSTV template window.

EXTPTT port is provided for the PTT operation using a special USB device, which was originally made for FSK keying. To make use of this port, select EXTPTT in the PTT port drop-down list of TX pane of Setup MMSSTV. EXTFSK.DLL is prerequisite for the operation.

73, Mako